What Happens When the White Savior is Black?

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  1. KezzyJo says:

    All these organizations are in truth businesses at the end of the day. The client/customer relationship that powers these organizations flows between the supporters and the organization (not the aided). The supporters have to know their contributions are “bringing smiles to the faces of the needy” or “changing lives” without them having any real connections with what is actually going on.
    The other thing is the era we live in where it seems like everything is legitimized by social media existence. It’s because of this real unspoken need to show everything that in recent years peope have literally outed themselves and we have caught unto things that we might not have otherwise seen. Yet, it is also the same reason that “just stop with the selfies” isn’t on the list of ‘things to not do when you go to Africa’.

    This rabbit hole is unending but so important that we explore.
    Thank you!

  2. I believe this article is very unfair. Black Americans are not colonizers. I am going to leave Kanya West out of this because we know that he is mentally ill and delusion. Most Black people don’t come to Africa to be a Savior. They come to Africa to be saved. There is a difference.

    • Hi Darleana, thank you for the comment. At the center of this article is not Black Americans, but rather Africans, and more specifically, Liberian-owned NGOs and how some of them use the lack of regulations in the aid sector to exploit the people for personal gain. No, Black people cannot politically be considered colonizers, but it is important to acknowledge problematic behaviors such as the one mentioned in the article. Hope that clarifies things

  3. Mosetta says:

    Great post!
    We as a Liberians have to really stop looking for handouts from the NGOS and NPOs. We have to help ourselves so that it doesn’t leave it vulnerable to being exploited..

  4. Denny says:

    Hi there! Such a wonderful write-up, thank you!

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