Welcoming a New Age With a New Journey


In my 26thyear, God has shown me the most love by making me a vessel through which a heavenly being enters this world to fulfill its purpose. The best birthday gift yet! 

I could go on and on about how this pregnancy has changed me, but you wouldn’t hear anything other expecting mothers haven’t said before. Truth be told though, when I first found out I was to be a mother, I was excited, scared, terrified, and all the emotions you can possibly imagine, all at once! Me that’s all about myself, on the go always, now have to worry about another whole entire human being. I haven’t even done my Master’s yet, or gotten married! (lol) But what could I do? God had already decided what was to be, and I am merely a vessel. 

Today, at 7 months pregnant, I am grateful to be this vessel. Grateful for every kick. Every twist and turn. The discomfort I feel when I sleep. The increased appetite that has made me gain over 25 pounds already. The glow in my skin. My high and low energy levels. The pretend envy some women give me when I tell them I never threw up a single day in my pregnancy so far. The support from my entire village. My little sister giving me the best little massages. The conversations with my growing baby. I am eternally grateful for all of it, and want to thank the ancestors of fertility and fruitfulness for interceding on my behalf.

Continue below for a little poem for my little one and see him make his debut to the world. He exists because he is greater than any circumstance, situation, or any emotion. 


I have a heavenly being growing inside of me 

I prayed for him every day since way back when…

I prayed for him

“Come back to me my baby

Mommy loves you.

Mommy is so sorry.

Come back to me my baby.”

But this person here, 

This isn’t her.

He feels more like me; 

Shy, but still finding ways to make his presence known.

And then like his father;

A man with a mission.

I have fallen in love.

I feel his manifestations

Making a home of my body.

He knows what he wants already.

Even helped me pick out his name.

Some foods he likes, others he doesn’t.

Some words he loves, others falls him completely silent.

You see, 

It’s like I know him already.

I asked the heavens for him.

They answered.

Now, he’s made a home of me.

My mother always told me, 

“There are some things you will understand only when you become a mother”. 

I understand now. 

This dying need to protect him. Make him happy. See him fulfill his dreams. His purpose. Love him.

I understand.

I feel it already.

I love this my baby.

I have prayed for him

He is my companion,

This my baby

I have longed for him.

Dreaming of you on this my birthday, my baby.

Can’t wait to meet you. 

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