Liberian Millennials Reflect on April 6,1996 Civil War


On the date that has come to commonly be known to Liberians as “April 6”, the nation’s history took a dark turn. April 6, 1996 is a date many Liberians around the world will never forget, as the country’s civil war took its deadliest turn. On this day, former president, Charles Taylor’s NPFL forces brought the nation’s capital, Monrovia up into flames, leaving hundreds of thousands of people fleeing for their lives. On this day and the days following, Liberians came to know the traumatic realities of war that is forever etched into their memories.

As April 6 comes every year, so does its dark memories for many Liberians. While some try to move past the day in an effort to move on with their current lives, others use social media to share their traumatic experiences. Although, whichever way Liberians choose to move past the day, it is the responsibility of Liberians to speak truth to the dark history of the nation in sharing their real personal accounts of it.

As such, continue below for a few social media reflections of the fateful day from Liberian millennials. While reading, keep in mind that some of these individuals were no more than 5 years old when they became exposed to the trauma that came to shape their lives.

Social Media Reflections of the April 6 War

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  • John Confidus
    April 17, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the views of the people of Liberia on the 1996 civil war.

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