Liberian Designers Fighting COVID-19 with Fashion


Yesterday, April 8, 2020 marked a grim day in Liberia’s fight against the novel Corona virus (COVID-19). On this day, the president, George M. Weah, announced a 3-week nationwide lockdown to take effect starting Friday, April 10, 2020. This proclamation comes in wake of over 31 confirmed cases of the virus in the country – a rapid growth from just 10 in the past week. With these alarming numbers, Liberian fashion designers are using fashion to fight the spread of the virus both in and out of Liberia.

As the cases increases by the day, healthcare workers and people living in poverty are becoming even more overwhelmed by the unintended effects of the virus. For healthcare workers, this is the lack of adequate PPEs and other medical supplies. On the other hand, for people living in poverty, this is the unavailability of the option to stay home, as they are part of the population living from hand to mouth daily.

In an effort to prevent the spread of the virus among these populations and the overall global population at large, Liberian fashion designers in and out of Liberia have turned to fashion for a cause. Some are creating masks which can be donated to the less fortunate people without the option to stay home, while some are creating the masks for sale and free for healthcare workers only. Whichever the case is, it is a testament to how fashion can be used to impact global change. Continue below for a list of these brands, and how you can be a part of their call to action.

Liberian Designers Fighting Corona Virus with Fashion

The BombChel Factory

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Fashion brand, Shop Bombchel is no stranger to using fashion for a positive cause. The socially conscious brand was once built to impact the lives of women left vulnerable due to the Ebola virus disease. Now, these same women are using their sewing skills to impact the lives of other people left vulnerable to the novel Corona virus. To join their efforts, you can make donations to their team through their website,, thus financially equipping them to donate cloth masks to people in need in Liberia.

Modisch Clothing

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Pennsylvania (PA) based brand by Liberian designer, Tay Gaye, started their face masks creation by donating 30 masks to healthcare workers in the PA area. Now, they’ve evolved the brand to making the cloth masks available for sale to all those who wish to remain fashionable, but socially conscious. The creative masks can now be purchased through the brand’s website,

Maison De Mawollie

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Contemporary women’s fashion brand, Maison De Mawollie has joined the fight against COVID-19 by creating fashionable cloth print masks. While the masks are made for sale, extras are being made free of charge for frontline healthcare workers. To purchase the the masks or make inquiries as a healthcare professional, follow the brand’s instagram for more info.

Crown Me Chic

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Women’s head wrap and accessories brand, Crown me Chic, has released a call to action for cash donations to the brand’s fight against the spread of the Corona virus in Liberia. Through these donations, the brand will be financial enabled to fulfill their promise of providing cloth masks to up to 500 market women in Liberia. To make a donation, follow the brand’s instagram or website,

EveRRything RRouge

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Women’s couture fashion brand, EveRRYthing RRouge has joined other Liberian designers in the fashionable fight against the novel Corona virus. Based in the US, the brand is using fashion for a cause to create masks for sale, as there are very few now available in stores for purchase. To purchase one of these creative cloth print masks and keep yourself protected, follow the brand’s instagram and make a query.

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  • Andrea Surkis
    July 13, 2020

    Very bright and beautiful masks, like women’s clothing in Africa.

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