Like Patois is to Jamaica,
Pidgin is to Nigeria,
Krio is to Sierra leone,
Koloqua is to Liberia.

Liberia is a nation on the west coast of Africa which is home to a little over 4.5M people, with an estimated 4M in the Liberian diaspora.

Liberia is Africa’s oldest independent republic, and is home to some of the most welcoming people, and beautiful natural landscapes one can ever experience. Although, a simple google search of this growing nation brings up images of its gruesome 14-year civil war, which officially ended in 2003.

This platform has been created to re-present Liberia to the world and change the narrative through storytelling focused on Arts and Culture.

Through photography, beauty secrets, fashion, lifestyle, and all things Liberian pop culture, this platform sets out to expand the scope of what it means to be a Liberian, share with the world all the wonders of the nation, while also exploring these same narratives in the West African region and its diaspora.

 About the Founder
Adrienne Tingba is a young creative professional with a variety of experiences, giving her titles like Editor, Model, Creative Director, Humanitarian, Coca-Cola Liberia Executive, Fashion Designer, Writer, Reporter, and Journalist.  With all these interests and experience, she mostly likes to refer to herself as a storyteller.

Ms. Tingba studied Criminal Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, after which she moved back to Liberia in 2016. While in Liberia, she maintained her day job at the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, while volunteering her evenings to delivering the national radio news on ELBC radio. Along with the radio presentation, Adrienne worked as a contributing writer for FrontPageAfrica, through which she began her career with New Narratives.

When she is not working as a justice reporter for New Narratives, Adrienne dedicates her time and creative energy to her media platform, thekoloquadialogues.com. The Koloqua Dialogues brand started as a personal blog back in 2015, and has since transformed into a go-to source for all things Liberian pop-culture.

Being a natural born storyteller, Adrienne hopes her work as a journalist will give voice to those who need it, and serve as an inspiration to other young women who wish to use their voices to shine light on important societal issues. As such, Adrienne uses her work and research to champion the necessary task of creating a space for creative Liberian voices, in an effort to reclaim and retell African stories, as told by Africans.