7 Liberian Movies for your Quarantine and Chill Needs


As the world stands still amid its freights about the novel Corona virus (COVID-19), many people around the world are doing their part in preventing its spread by self-quarantining in their homes. In recent weeks, Liberia has joined the world and reported 13 confirmed cases of the virus, with 3 reported casualties. As such, the country’s President, George M. Weah, has implemented a nationwide lockdown to enforce social distancing on the masses. 

Social distancing is a fairly new term that has become popular with the spread of the COVID-19. Although, what it has mostly come to mean is hours of scrolling through various social media apps, sleeping, eating, and binging our favorite movies and TV shows. 

And so, as we enter another new week with a global responsibility to social distance, we have compiled up to 7 diverse Liberian movies for your entertainment throughout. Continue below for a list of culturally relevant, romantic, thrilling, comical, and downright dramatic Liberian movies for your quarantine and chill pleasure.

7 Liberian Movies for your Entertainment

Malawala Balawala: The Blacksmith and His Apprentice

The 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s were marked by a culturally relevant time in the Liberian entertainment industry. Among that was the cultural performances of Malawala Balawala. In this film, take a trip through memory lane to one of the earliest recorded performance to mark the Liberian film industry.

Fatima’s Revenge

In this second part to Gerald Barclay’s Fatima, Korto Davis plays a healthcare worker who has to take on a thrilling ride to save herself from a violently racist client. Follow the link below to watch the movie online for free.


Tears of the Heart Parts 1-4

This 4-part drama is a culturally relevant story of tradition, pain, and how it can all be overcome by love.

Mr. and Mrs. Sonpon

Liberian film superstar Diamond Sonpon’s latest project is a thrilling display of the Actress’s incredible talents in film writing, production, direction, and acting. Watch the first season now as we await the second part of the film series.

Friend Request

Friend Request follows Treasure, a young and energetic woman on a quest to find her “Mr. Right”. Watch the movie now to see how this remarkable social attraction impacted and changed a life forever.

Siatta Will Kill Me Parts 1-2

Liberian film superstar, Korto Davis returns as Siatta in this comedic drama following the intense life of the headstrong female lead, Siatta.

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman follows the story of Robert, played by Albert Capehart, who broke up with his girlfriend Rena, played by Jessica Jarry. Though the breakup was two years ago, Rena has returned with the goal to destroy Robert’s life, who has since believed Rena was the wrong woman for him. Watch the film now for an exciting love story like no other.

There you have it ooh, my pipo! As we all pray and take the necessary safety precautions, I wish you all a week full of positive vibes, health, and Liberian entertainment!

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