Your Four-Step Guide to Thrifting


By: Samnie Coleman

Hello Beautiful People, I’m Samnie Judy  Coleman , but you can call me Sam.  I am  a young Liberian, raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, now  living in Gainesville, Georgia.  Initially,  I  created my personal Instagram Blog, Thrifed Ventures as a platform for my interest  and love for thrifting. However, more recently, I decided to create a platform  focused on my love for thrifting and other interesting aspects of my life. 

Samnie Coleman for Thrifted Ventures

I decided to expand my brand by creating a Youtube channel to share my ideas, experiences , and growth with viewers.  As a new content creator on Youtube,  I want to  create content that is relatable to my viewers, but  most importantly, I want to create content that motivates and  inspires.

One of the many topics discussed on my channel is my favorite hobby, thrifting.  The reason I enjoy thrifting is because of the wonderful benefits that one can gain from bargain shopping. Some of the benefits include saving money, developing a unique wardrobe, and  last but not least,  donating  to charitable organizations. 

If you are someone who enjoys thrifting, or is new to  thrifting, I have developed four tips that will help you execute your thrifting experience .

Tip#1: Don’t Get Overwhelmed
  •    As a Thrifter, I know first hand that thrifting can become overwhelming at times. 

Remember to take a deep breath and  take your time when thrifting.


Samnie Coleman for Thrifted Ventures

Tip #2: Be Optimistic 

  • While thrifting, you may have  a certain agenda.  Keep in mind  that sometimes your  ideal  outfit may not always be there at the moment.  Be opened to experimenting with different colors , patterns and fabrics. 

Tip#3: Look for Tag Specials During the Week

  • During the week, most thrift stores have discounted prices on certain colored tags. For example, every week, Goodwill  gives %50 off of selected colored tags. Taking advantage of those weekly discounts will definitely help you save.
Tip# 4: Take Advantage of Discounts!!
  • Remember to take advantage of those discounts, especially the ones that are specifically for students, military, and senior citizens. 


  •      Last but not last, enjoy the moment and have fun.

For more thrifting inspiration check out my Youtube Channel: and IG: ThriftedVentures. 

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