Who am I?


By: Makiniko Jupaul

I am he who

no one can be

My plans carried out

could make many cry and shout

Times when I sit alone

Way over at my end

With my brother people make friend

he’s called Life; but when we meet he’s mostly gone.

I watch in awe and much surprise

seeing countless peeps avoiding my friendship

I hardly would decide to plan it

but my friendship would be at your demise.

Your world is much more

different from mine

And at the very deepest core,

You lose all track of time.

My hour has a terrible smell.

What died? That I cannot tell.

In a day, I got lots of ways

to get more companions and mates

Unfortunately, after I have left,

they would be called late.

I make mothers weep

and children to cry

tears their fathers can’t keep

no matter how hard they try.

I really don’t care who got something to share

But if I’m ready, then theres no time to spare.

In my house, people with talents and geniuses have moved

I have kids, and also their parents.

My errands are always smooth.

I have never really felt loved.

Never have I been placed above.

What did I do wrong?

Or do I make you sing sad songs?

Quite recently I have taken a star

he’s quite young and didn’t get too far.

I knew not how much he was adored

But now he hardly can leave my door.

I think my presence is never cared for.

Sons and daughters are now getting prayed for.

Who really must I be?

That no one wants to see?

By you I have come to stand by too…. to ask you

Who AM I?

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