Weekend Roundup: Liberian Independence Takeover


Painting By: Abu Fofana

All Haaaiiillll Liberia Hail! (All Hail).

It’s our ownseh olmah Liberia’s birthday ooh, and we thought we knew how to enjoy, but the olmah is the OG of enjoyment! You na hear the (enjoy, enjoy enjoy enjoy) in her anthem? That’s how we know this her 172nd birthday nan coming be easeh! Though olmah Liberia may look like she’s tired of celebrating, since that’s what she’s been doing for the past 171 years, her children on the other hand are still planning to stomp ay on her behalf.

As a result, we at Koloqua Dialogues here are calling out all the party von von them to enjoy for the olmah sake. The time for yor to effortlessly shine nan come, because this year paah, the celebration of our Mother dear round jeh like cake doughnut.

Yor think we joking? The parties goes from water, to land, then straight up to the skies. Well, maybe not in the sky itself, but in an airplane for sure, cuz mama Liberia birthday party neh nan only happening in Liberia ooh, but in the diaspora too. We telling you! The jue is the biggest of all the big jue them – having different parties around the world on one day. Can we say goalsss?? You think say la fun, but jeh know LIB Takeover didn’t come to play this year. Continue below to see all lay party and jolly jolly them that will be happening all around the world to celebrate the oldest big jue olma in all of Africa, our ownseh Mama Liberia.


Thursday, July 25, 2019

J Slught @ XO Sky Lounge

I bet when singer/songwriter J Slught, said; “Baby you’re amazing”, you guys didn’t know he was referring to our amazing mother, Liberia. And so, its only right to come sing the pre-birthday song with our Superstar tonight. It’ll be lit ooh. Don’t jeck seh!

Bucky Raw @ Shooters

If you want for people to treat you how you show them, start now by ringing in your mothers birthday with one of our favorite Liberian stars. Take our advice ooh, so in the nearer future, your kids will throw a pre-bday party with their favorite artist just to celebrate you.

Karishma at Celavi Night Club

Wanna celebrate Mommy’s birthday like the queen she is, Celavi night club on Thursday night will be the spot for you. Her royal highness of Liberian entertainment will be royally shutting down the pre-celebration of Mommy’s Birthday, so come kill royal blay for lay olmah.

Friday, JULY 26

The Cosmetology Union Awards

Yaaayyy! Who knew we got to give credits to all the Cosmetologist in Liberia on the day of our Mother’s birthday? Well, it’s only right, since they are the ones making the people of Liberia look real real good, and making their mothers proud. Go support your favorite cosmetologist at the Monrovia city hall on FRIDAY, JULY 26.. We hear say Prezo himself will be there ooh.

DJ DaiQuiri at XO Skylounge

DJ DaiQuiri, one of China’s hottest female djs has flown all the way from Beijing to bring the party to us here in Liberia. We told yor olmah Liberia la serious big jue, so only her birthday could bring one of China’s hottest afro-pop DJ’s to share in the Liberian experience. Join her and other LIB dJ’s and artists on 26 night to share this new experience. Introduce the people to Liberia, or Liberia will introduce them to you.

Libassa’s Wet and Crazy Pool Party

How crazy, you want to ask? Well, why ask when you can find out yourself, along with your friends, your jue, or even your kid(s) . What’s even more exciting is the fact that you get to get wet, and act crazy at a party for only 10$, for kids 5$. Sounds like fun right, cuz it issss.

Floyd Nation’s House Party

Wanna be grona on 26 and not go home till the next morning? Then the best place we coming direct you to la Congo town back road opposite George Kailondo’s house, where, food, drinks, music, and shelter will be provided for just 10$ per person, and 15$ per couple. You can expect to see some of your favorite artists and celebs on that night too.

Nuchie Meek @ Celavi Night Club.

Pepper Soup! Something some of us are bound to drink this weekend, and we get a chance to watch the main man himself perform it. Y’all come oh, Nuchie having his thank you concert, and he’s thanking all of those who stayed and stuck with him from day 1 till now. We know die hard Nuchie Fans will be at Celavi that night turning up to all the hits this Superstar has blessed us with. You know we LITTT!!!

Shooters Independence day Celebration

Who best represents Liberia on Independence Day more than Liberty Entertainment? The Same Liberty that Liberia stands for the same liberty we all share in common. Come watch Artists CO-Z, Icey, & Zeo from Liberty Entertainment shut Shooters down that night. It will be fun, epic, and way beyond free. You can get all of those artists for just 5USD.

Orange New Republic’s Grand Opening

It’s a new day, an independent day at that, and the grand opening of a new bar and restaurant is getting your belly prepared for the jolly jolly of the night. The Orange New Republic will be having its grand opening in the Caldwell community on Friday, July 26, 2019. The event expects performances from some of our favorite Liberian stars, with food and drinks at affordable prices. Don’t make it lazy oh,. because ley say before good food waste, leh belleh burst.

Revoluxon Rocky @ Oporto’s Resto Bar

My Pekin I veh! Ley whole 26, nobody give me 26, so I going to Oporto’s on 26 to go take off my jersey there because it will be free, it will be fun, and it will be lit. Buh wait na, you say Revo the Devo then you say fire? That place will be so hot, you’ll forget Oportos got AC in their place. Man dem can’t talk all oh, so come and experience the thing for yourseh.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Eat 4 KEEP Fundraiser

Are you a fan of food and a supporter of education? Say no more. The Kids Educational Engagement Project (Keep), in collaboration with Royal Grand Hotel, will be having an all you can eat buffet on Sunday, and that’s not even the good part. The good part, my pipo, is you get to eat good food and still contribute to the education of kids around Liberia, as 50% of the sales of food that day goes toward supporting KEEP’s mission. Noble right? So, what’s stopping you from being noble?


To all Our Dialoguers in the diaspora, You think we forgot about you? Ley say if Moses can’t go to the Mountain, the Mountain will go to Moses. So here are some top Liberian celebrations that’ll be taking over the Diaspora for this our olmah birthday, aka Liberia’s Independence Day.

Eric Geso, @ Beijing Chaoying Side Park in China

You know on 26, walkorbor was always the order of the day. You wore your finest outfit to show your friends that this Liberian knows how to kill blay. Well, Eric Geso the stage killer will be at the Beijing Chaoyang park in China on July 26, 2019. If you are in China and you wanna walkorbor and kill blay, you can simply go witness first and why they call him the Stage Killer.

The 17th Annual Miss Liberia USA

Come one come all. It’s the 17th annual Miss Liberia USA Pageant, and We must say, it hasn’t gotten any hotter than this. This year, 5 beautiful and talented Liberian women will be competing for the title. And so, what better way to celebrate your mother’s birthday than watching a pageant to find out who represents her in the her ownseh Godpa’s land?

Kobazzie Live in Philly

Calling out all the Liberian People in Philadelphia! We know yall plenty ooh, and the money came too soon. The Lorma boy himself will be Live in Philly on Friday, July 26, 2019, at the Cathedral 2331 N Broad Street, to stomp this 26. Slide thru and maybe you can drink anything on him.

Washington DC, My 26 On You!

The American people say they know how to party ooh, but the best way to show them who the real party von von is, la to carry the jolly jolly to their capital city itself! We calling all the Liberians people in the DMV area to show up and show out in DC this Friday. All this “26 on you” thing mon na go free ooh, we telling yor serious tin!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Original Liberian Independence Celebration

Didn’t get the Chance to celebrate your Independence yesterday, worry not because the infamous Dj Versatile will be djing at the Original Liberian Independence at 2515 Island Ave, Philadelphia. You know it be far from ordinary because the Dj neh already know how to make people move their bodies. Even if you had fun for 26, go there and better the experience for the belated 26. Make Memories, have fun, be original, and enjoy a versatile experience at the Original Liberian Independence celebration.

Whew! we told yor nan small tin happening this weekend ooh! Starting from the pre-bday bash, to celebration itself, to the post b.day bash. Our olmah Liberia really nan teach us how to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So yor please leh go make her proud and enjoy good good! On Monday, we can go back to telling her about herself small. :p

Happy 26 my pipo!

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