#WCW: 6 Modern Liberian Women to Add to the History Books



Yesterday as I prepared the concept for this piece, I could not decide how to reduce my total list of 15 incredible Liberian women you are going to see in a few moments, so I shared with a male friend, also Liberian. As we went through each name, we decided on their inclusion based on their work, their impact, and their overall magic they’ve shared with the world. We selected and came to a final list of 6 women from different periods in Liberian history. He then went on sharing the impact of Liberian women on him, and I allowed it. Its great exploring the male gaze every now and then.

“What I love about Liberian women is just how supportive they can be. They can marry in any culture, or even the devil himself, but will remain supportive throughout. They are great women. They are strong women, but just don’t leave them or hurt them, then they will really show you”. It was funny, and it was true.

Liberian women have been carrying the entire nation on our backs for as long as Liberia has existed – mostly in the background. While we have allowed the men – key word here being “allowed” – to take leadership roles here and there, history proves over and over again that Liberian women are more than supporting shadows holding together the society, we are the figures.

Here we have put together a short  list of Liberian women in the public and private sectors as part of our #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) whose work have, and are breaking barriers, inspiring women around the world. Be sure to enjoy, and support their work.

Edwina Vakun

Throughout her life, Vakun has dedicated her life to women empowerment and the redevelopment of Liberia. More recently, she has opened her firm, Business Link Inc. which serves as a micro-finance and consulting institution.  Since its establishment back in 2013 Business Link Inc. continues to provide loans, business management trainings, and financial literacy trainings to small female business owners in Liberia, with a large focus on rural and market women. Throughout her career, Vakun has impacted and empowered the lives of thousands of Liberian women across the country; and now, with Business Link Inc. she is on track to becoming owner of the first woman-owned female banking institution in Liberia.

Hesta Baker-Pearson

Largely known for her effort to promote Liberian culture and tourism, Pearson continues to play a pioneering role in the redevelopment of Liberia. She started Liberia’s first travel/lifestyle  magazine, LIBERIA, which has greatly influenced us here at Koloqua Dialogues. While the magazine is now discontinued, Pearson has taken her love for Liberia to the tourism sector with the opening of the culturally surreal Elizabeth’s Resort in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. Make sure to visit on your next trip to Liberia.

Sebah Esther Tubman

Back in 1999, while the nation was still in a state of crisis, Tubman represented Liberia in the Miss World pageant as the current Miss Liberia at the time, placing 4th overall. This has been the highest a Liberian ever placed in an international pageant. The current Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo’s two-year reign, and counting, serves as a wakeup call for the revival of the Liberian pageant industry. Tubman, on the other hand, is now a christian Youtuber who provides inspiration and spiritual guidance to her subscribers.

Wilhelmina “Myeonway” Cooper

Cooper is the original “bag lady” of Liberia. The entrepreneur has started a handbag/accessories empire which is 100% made in Liberia. The brand, Myeonway Designs, sources local artisans, painters, and materials to make her incredible feminist friendly accessories for the modern day Liberian woman who wishes to showcase her magic through color, creativity, strength, and uniqueness.

Grace Hawa Weah “DJ Masterqueen”

DJ Masterqueen personifies what it means to be a strong Liberian queen. Over the years as Liberia tried to rebuild itself entirely, Masterqueen saw a need for a revival of the entertainment industry and decided to take on the task. She has worked with Artists, Promoters, DJs, etc. to bring entertainment and “celebrity” back to Liberia’s forefront. As the industry advances, Masterqueen continues to work in radio and tv with Hott FM and Hott Tv, hosting her own shows on both platforms, while at the same time venturing into entrepreneurship with he own luxury nail polish line, Masque.

Meskora Amoussou 

Meskora is the youngest on this list, but remains just as deserving with her groundbreaking work and ability to break barriers like the many Liberian women before her. She is a self-taught digital artist and photographer, whose work has been featured in hotels and homes across Liberia. She is the nation’s only female photographer at the moment, and has dreams of creating a comic set in Liberia through her digital art. Meskora has only a few years in her field of work, although, we remain excited for all her creations ahead as she continues to inspire young women around the world through her work and unapologetic aura.

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6 Responses
  • Stephen kota
    October 4, 2018

    I am interested in the work of Meskora Amoussou.

  • Genevieve S. Woods-Winstead
    October 4, 2018

    Congratulation ! Proud of Ms. Hesta Baker Pearson, and her Love for mama Liberia; and empowering young people . I am one of her beneficiaries.
    Congratulations, to the rest of the ladies. Good job!!!

  • Aba Hamilton-Dolo
    October 4, 2018

    Thanks for this noble endeavor. We appreciate all the ladies listed, for their hard work in “breaking the glass ceiling “ in our nation.

    More gal power to all of us. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • D. Elwood Dunn
    October 4, 2018


  • Zoe Dukuly Houser
    October 4, 2018

    My goal is to bring awareness to child sexual abuse in Liberia. I was molested by my step- father, Michael Wayne Parker in Liberia from the age of 7. I denied; I avoided and I minimized the abuse until 2011, when I had my last nervous break down. I went to counseling and after 7 years, I am NOW free!

  • Marjorie
    March 7, 2019

    Hi there! Such a wonderful post, thanks!

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