The Liberian Entertainment Awards 10 Years Later: What to Expect, and How to Prepare


It’s that time of the year again ooooo my pipo! Oh! You na know which time? I’m talking about the Liberian Entertainment Awards! You know, the LEA? The most attended and talked about event in the Liberian diaspora celebrating all things Liberian entertainment! From music, to movies, to comedy, you jeh name it! And it’s all happening this coming weekend, March 15-17, 2019, in Washington DC, USA. Oh!, da now you want know more enh? Jeh keep reading. I geh all ley fries for you!

The series of events, which the LEA brand has promise to be “The most exciting LEA ever!” begins on Friday, March 15, with a welcome party at Bliss Nightclub, tickets for which can be purchased HERE.

While there are many parties surrounding the event, the main show which celebrates Liberian arts, talents, and entertainment is set to commence on Saturday, March 16, at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC, tickets for which can be purchased HERE starting at $50. The ceremony is expected to host an array of Liberian talents from all across the diaspora, some of whom will be performing, presenting, hosting, and seated among the audience. The event is  a great networking opportunity for all those in attendance, and with 10 years in the game, we are looking up to the LEA brand to deliver on their promise of the most exciting LEA yet!

Be sure to arrive on time to see an influential red carpet team, with co-hosts, Benita Urey, Waka Doe, and Choicy D opening the red carpet from 5 PM-7:30 PM. This is where you get the best photos of your outfits, so it is expected that you arrive within the time window. Don’t come late, and then blame the organizers if you can’t get your photos ooh.

The ceremony itself, hosted by Diamond Sonpon and Jimmy Dee, will start at 8:00 PM with God manning us. When the celebration of talents is over, the party heads to Bliss night club once more to end the night blissfully. When all that one is over, the event weekend continues Sunday with the annual LEA Basketball tournament from 12-7 PM at the Northwood High School in Silver Spring, MD. Simultaneously, the official LEA day party will be happening from 3 PM-1AM at Station 1, in silver Spring, MD. Although there are several day parties going on all around DC on Sunday, wherever you find yourself will continue the celebration of Liberian talents.

A full weekend, I know, but it will be an exciting one! You’ve got a few days to finalize your looks, which we hope will feature some major Liberian designers, especially if you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the LEA Fashion police, if you know what I mean. Likewise, Koloqua Dialogues will be publishing its best dressed list, so we need you all to bring only your best.

Da it deh ooo my pipo! We na give yor all ley information, so yor mon na say nobody nan teh yor, hmm?! We are very excited to meet you all and hope you will be open to joining Koloqua Dialogues’ live social media coverage of the ceremony and its afterparties. Just look out for the girl with the pearls, aka, me! Looking forward to seeing you all, and don’t forget to make the country proud and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 🙂

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