The Cutting Room Floor Designer Recho Omondi



By: Desiree Dossen


According to Wikipedia the term cutting room floor is used in the film industry as a figure of speech referring to unused footage not included in the finished film. Outside of the film industry, it may refer to any creative work unused in the final product.

NYC based Kenyan- American Designer Recho Omondi enlightens us through her latest podcast The Cutting Room Floor. Recho Omondi is one out of few high fashion designers who does not partake in the NYFW festivities where many people believe is the end all be all in fashion. Working as a designer in the fashion industry one begins to unravel the struggles and secrets from within. In admiration of OMONDI,  the brand itself exudes Representation. I believe Recho knows what’s she’s talking about in terms of fashion and criticism. As an African American designer her perspective on industry news and trends is by far insightful.

Upon subscribing to her latest venture in the Podcast industry i did not know what to expect. Let’s just say there is a boss woman of color spilling the tea and sharing her thoughts about the industry we don’t see through media outlets. Through conversation with industry professionals, enthusiasts and students will leave with a gem after listening to The Cutting Room Floor.

I’ve always wanted to be a magazine editor or work in editorial. Honestly after listening to this podcast I was reunited with a long lost love for words and writing. To all of you writers, bloggers, stylists, fashion editors, influencers this Podcast is educational as Recho Omondi and featured guests share free industry advice and tips.

Download on apple itunes or visit site below to get an earful.

(Image courtesy of Teen Vogue – Alex Black)

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