Style Mood-Board: What To Wear to the MLMA 2019


It’s that time of the year again! What time you ask? It’s time for one of the most glamorous nights out in Liberia – the 2nd annual Lonestar Cell MTN Liberian Music Awards.  As awards shows of this stature are a fairly new feat in the Liberian entertainment industry, many people may have trouble understanding the style etiquettes for such an event. We get it. Fashion nan everybody area. Luckily though, we have done some work that will help you get a fair idea of the type of slay you should be bringing to the red carpet this Saturday November 16 at the Ministerial Complex. 

Whether you are an entertainer, a fan, a blogger, or any other custodian of the Liberian entertainment industry, if you are attending this event, you want to look and feel your best. As such, we have curated a mood board of designs made and showcased by Liberians that are fit for an award show – no matter your style preference. Continue below for a style mood board to guide your outfit selections, and we look forward to featuring you here next week for our best dressed fashion round up.

Women’s Awards Style Mood-board

Men’s Awards Style Mood-board

There you have it, folks. We look forward to featuring your slay here next week for our Awards best dressed fashion round up.

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