Roundup: Major Fashion Moments Highlighting LIB Takeover 2019


Whew! What a week!

I mean…  I can’t be the only one who hasn’t fully recovered yet right? In truth though, how can I recover when you all did not keep your feet off my neck for an entire week straight?! WOW!

In what is probably the most intense week in Liberian fashion to date since we began our weekly fashion roundups, Liberians around the world showcased not only themselves, but the iconic flag of Liberia all week long. We admit, we had a part to play in all these celebrations around the world with our independence event roundup, however, we really did not know you all would show up and show out for mama Liberia the way you did.

Major fashion highlights from the week of takeover included some great milestones. For starters, the upcoming Monrovia Fashion Week USA unveiled their astounding list of featured Liberian designers, who will grace the runways of the Queens Theatre in Delaware, USA come August 17, 2019. Among the iconic lineup includes, J. Wonyen, by Crystal Wonyen, EveRRything RRogue, by Melody Asherman, Tay Modisch, Comfort Couture, and newcomer, Fanoraine. It will be a lineup you definitely do not want to miss, as Liberian designers invite you into their Afro-future.

On the other hand, our favorite bombshell, or should we say Bombchel, Archel Bernard unveiled the first release from her latest swimwear and dress collection, BAWDY by BOMBCHEL. The collection offers major Koloqua Style vibes, with reversible references to the prints of rural Liberia, as well as names of iconic sites in Liberia, like the fierce Kpatawee Waterfalls. We can’t wait to get our hands and BAWDY, in this BOMBchel collection.

Additionally, Wilhelmina Cooper of Myeonway Designs took over Lagos, Nigeria with some incredible wearable arts for the UBA marketplace showcase. The fashionpreneur unveiled her latest venture into clothing with some t-shirt dresses, beautifully hand-painted by local Liberian artists. In addition to the t-shirts, the designer showcased all her Liberian girl magic with her staple hand-made and hand-painted handbags and accessories we know the people of Nigeria, and everyone who attended will absolutely love! Bravo, Wilhelmina!

And Lastly, but in no way the least, US-based designer, Aryeah Kolubah solidified her fashion business by offering sewing classes to young people in the state of Louisiana. The designer of Aryeah & Co. has shown with this venture that a fashion business does not only have to limit itself to making clothes alone, and we simply must applaud her journey.

The fashion takeover did not stop there, people, as our everyday Liberians and superstars took their spin on the LIB takeover weekend. From photoshoots paying ode to mama Liberia, to outfits styled specifically with her colors in mind. Continue below for the major fashion moments that encapsulates the spirit of LIB Takeover, and shows us why that Liberian Rainy Season reign just won’t let up!

Best LIB Takeover 2019 Fashion Moments

Big Jues

Fashion Designer, Joanna Arku, wearing her brand, Zoe Arku

Restaurateur, Roda Starlet

CEO, The Koloqua Dialogues, Adrienne Tingba, wearing her clothing brand, Young Geh Lappa Suit

Shop Bombchel CEO, Archel Bernard (far right), with her models wearing dresses her latest collection, BAWDY by Bombchel

Queen of the Airways, Grace Hawa Weah, aka, MasterQueen

CEO, ElleFoodie, Rochelle Bannerman

Fashion Designer, Aryeah Kolubah

Fashion Designer, Morrinna Gbessagee, wearing her brand, Rinna’s Clothing

Blogger, Michelle Doe

Influencer, Mattie James

Hair Stylist, Massa Olaiya

Blogger/CEO of Shop Emmalyn Love, Emmalyn, wearing a dress from her online boutique.

Photographer, Elle Yancy

CEO, Myeonway’s Designs, Wilhelmina Cooper, wearing her latest line of T-shirt dresses.

Fitness Enthusiast and Creator of the Charged up Circle, Edwina Wehjla

Singer/Songwriter, Lawdia Kennedy

CEO, EveRRything RRouge, Melody Asherman

CEO, Silhouette Stylez, Josephine

Actress/Comedian, Mary Love

Yoga Teacher, Massa Mamey

Sports Enthusiast, Moritha Alli

Dancer/Choreographer, Cece Tor

Bigger Boys

Real Estate Developer, Bleejay Innis

Rapper, Bucky Raw, wearing Mel Styles

Creator of Cabral Empire Youth Group, Danny Tracks Johnson

CEO, Nyoni Couture, Nyoni

Sneaker Collector, Mbaimba

DJ Versatile

CEO, Yeshua’s Jewelry, Samuel Koimene

Photographer and Stylist, Dalorwar (L) with CEO, Liberian Entertainment Awards, Tarkus Zonen (R)

Singer/Songwriter, Kobazzie

Actor, Frank Artus

Fashion Designer/Stylist, Patmole Cole

Ahmed Abdullai

Painter, Rodney Sikdar

Rapper/Producer, Cypha D’King

Honorable Mentions

President, Republic of Liberia, Dr. George Weah, with wife, First Lady, Republic of Liberia, Madam Clar Weah

The Legendary Miss Celestine, CKA, RL, wearing her own custom-made design

CEO, The Koloqua Dialogues, Adrienne Tingba, with RL

2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leymah Gbowee

Miss University Africa, Liberia 2018, Courage Shiraz Seh

Vice President, Republic of Liberia, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor

Model, Arthurlene Attia

Singer/Songwriter, Lortonio

Whew! again! That’s it folks. I am all out of words. See you all next week for a very special edition of our fashion roundup, as we travel away from Liberia and into one of our neighboring West African countries.

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