Pop-Culture Roundup: This Week in Liberian Entertainment


Painting by: Rodney Sikdar

Its been an incredible week in Liberian pop-culture! The stars are aligning, and Liberian stars are gaining the benefits. Continue reading below to see some of the major moments this week in Liberian entertainment.

Adrienne Tingba Honored by Funtimes Magazine

Stunna and DJ MasterQueen spark dating rumors with 911 music video teaser

Bucky Raw released ‘Trauma’ freestyle

Jaredo dropped an animated teaser for latest single, ‘Smile’

CIC re-enrolled at AME University

Jflow dropped her artwork for single, ‘Josephine’

Jue dem Bonnie Dust, Christoph the Change touched down in London

Archel Bernard landed in Bermuda to meet and inspire her Bermudan ‘Bombchels’

Kobazzie the Lorma boy dripping torboghee oil in London

Model Cianneh Browne dazzled in body paint!

There you have it! Comment below for favorite pop-culture moment of the week!

See you next time.

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