Koloqua Vibes: HipCo Big Jues


The Liberian Music industry is a male dominated industry with a highly disproportionate representation of female voices. While it is true that the redevelopment of the industry is still in progress, it is important to highlight the role of women to the overall success of the industry.

HipCo, the Liberian music genre which infuses R&B, Hip-Hop, and Afrobeats, is a genre that needs a certain level of friskiness that only a Liberian girl can add to it. We’re talking your ma looking for you outside with flashlight friskiness here people, and the female musicians in this edition of our Plantains X Percussions playlist are giving us just that. Each Artist has their own style, ranging from rap, soul, to music sung in indigenous dialects. These industry big jues understand their importance in the growth of the industry, and despite the challenges faced as women, they are pushing the envelope and expanding their creativity.

Listen below to the 15 songs by Liberian women setting free our inner big jues and mamie peppehs. Enjoy, and be sure to support your favorites from the list by subscribing to their youtube channels, purchasing/downloading their music, and promoting/sharing their music. 

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