Plantains + Percussion: 26 on 26th LIB Independence Day Playlist


By: Desiree Dossen

Hows my peepo doing ooooo ??!!! We doing alright on this marvelous July 26, 2018. We celebrate 171 years of liberation and life. Yor 26 on me ooo !

I got yor this grand day with 26 hit Liberian chunez that will have yor shaking body to work or the functions. Click the link for YouTube!!

The plantains too sweet and the beat of the drums will make you move your feet !! Thank you for rocking with your girl Desiree D. As we celebrate sweet LIB ! From America to overseas yor join me and vibe to this playlist.  Plantains + Percussion : 26 on 26th LIB Independence Youtube. One love !!

Enjoy the selected sounds below !

P.S. Dont forget to download The Wlojii app where you’ll find good good Liberian music, from hipco to kakalayka. Haha! I’ll catch y’all on the flip side!

*Click on song title to be transferred to youtube playlist*

**26 on the 26th**

Biggest Mistake- Friday The Cell Phone Man

Who We Be – Dope Zulu and KVNG SOLO

Grateful – Deng

Go Down – PCK LFrankie

Bucky Raw – Woomi

Weekend- CIC ft. Iyana

Party Mix- Roca$h ft Deng and Kobazzie

Fiesta- AceCape ft. Jaredo and PCK

Nay Kee Knay- Saga AP

Ma Deddeh- Pascal Ft. Christoph The Change

We Drinking Drinks-Shine P ft. Ali

Liberian Music  50 50 Remix

Dope Zulu – Youpah Mepah

Styleenen- CIC ft Alonzo

Taya- Eric Geso ft. Kizzy W

Nobody- Jaredo

You Ehn All- Pascal Ft. Eric Geso

Some Kinda Way – Teddy Ride Ft. COZ

Boss Chick -Jared

Baby O-Stunna

Wanna Be- Snoti ft. Jodi Clarke

We Are The Young Ones – Z.We

My Pledge – Quincy B ft. Sweetz

Mind Your Baynay- Shine P

Number 9 – Eric Geso

Liberia National Anthem

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  • xzorzist
    July 26, 2018

    Thanks very much for the list. Already rocking with most of songs and will get the rest. Peace!!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

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