Painting The Runway in EveRRythingRRouge at Newark’s Fashion Forward SS19


By: Desiree Dossen 

From New York Fashion Week, to Monrovia Fashion Week USA in Philadelphia, and now Newark’s Fashion Forward, Melody Asherman and her contemporary designs are painting every runway they hit rouge mood, strutting in bloody shoes. This month, we caught a glimpse of what Mel and her team have been cooking up behind the scenes for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection. On Saturday September 8, 2018, designer Melody Asherman presented  in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey her brand EveRRythingRRouge during Newark’s Fashion Forward event under the theme; Fashion On The Green Botanica.


(Photo from Melody Asherman’s Instagram via JD. Hun Photos)

Melody definitely has a signature style when creating her designs. Full length gowns, high slits, and extra ruching to create the dramatic effect each garment has to offer while sweeping the floor in the most elegant way. As Beyonce graced the cover of Vogue’s September Issue wearing the adornment of a flower crown, we couldn’t help to adore the flower crowns each model wore with their look. This season EveRRythingRRouge gave us quintessential Havana, Cuba vibes with a mixture of Frida Kahlo’s artistic genius.

Embodying the presentation theme, Fashion On The Green Botanica; floral, bold, colourful wax ankara prints were the main focus of each gown. We loved the sexy, sophistication that was expressed through the deep v’s, halter, sweetheart necklines, cropped coordinating sets, and the “floetry” exhibited sur la catwalk. What designer garment do you know that moves like an EveRRythingRRouge dress ripping down the runway?

(Photo from Melody Asherman’s Instagram via JD. Hun Photos)

Moreover, Mel’s effort to give back to her community and work across and not just up is phenomenal. She is a proud Newark native, in which it is beautiful to see her working with her culturally influential city to showcase the uniqueness of her designs. Many gems are created and trends brought to life within inner cities; therefore, Melody and  EveRRythingRRouge are inspiring the youth by remaining authentic through encouraging others to embrace their creative talents as well as their culture.

Following that,  EveRRythingRRouge is a Phatsion Forward brand that promotes inclusivity. Being a body positive brand,  EveRRythingRRouge breaks down stereotypical fashion norms through spreading size diversity within their collection. Serving style through representation is key when seeking loyal customers. One can be fierce and PHAT (Powerful, Haute, and Thick).


To see more of  EveRRythingRRouge, visit their site and follow Melody Asherman on IG.

We want to sing, strut, and dance to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow while wearing bloody shoes and draped in EveRRythingRRouge.





EveRRythingRRouge(RooZH) is the correct pronunciation meaning

Everything Red (french)

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