Koloqua Style: Last Week’s Classics


Although the month of June has been termed the month of the 'Petty and Shady', some of our stars and favorite social media personalities have decided to keep it 'Classy and Chilled'. Continue below for our latest roundup with a classic twist. (Style report by Ingel Clay) Cralor-Boys Co-Founder of Hartter Manly, ...

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Koloqua Style: Trending Moments in Liberian Fashion


Since our last Koloqua Style ™ roundup, there has been some major happenings in the Liberian fashion and art industries. For starters, USA-based Photographer, Isaac West 's photographs took front page in a Paper Magazine editorial feature on American superstar actress, Zendaya. The editorial is the second major work shot ...

‘Fellas Fall’ Photo Series Highlights Men’s Suppressed Vulnerabilities


In a newly released photo series titled, Fellas Fall, Liberia-based digital artist Meskora Amoussou highlights the existing vulnerabilities of men that the world tries to suppress. With the gender roles imposed on men and women from birth, especially in African societies, not much room is allowed for men to live and act ...