One Woman Band


She gracefully moves to the beat of her own drum. Formulating her own rhythm and sound through the melodic tune that beats from within. She found solace where she would call it home. Alone in the world she would roam. One Woman and a Microphone.
Her mind became the home in which she would make her holy sanctuary. 
Running through the wilderness 
Hunting and gathering her daily bread for the nourishment fulfilling life’s goals in taming the hungry beast that causes gluttony. One of the Seven Deadly sins.
The food for thought in which she stores in a house where she preys and prays to bear all of the fruits of her labor asking her lord and savior to order her steps in his righteousness and asking for forgiveness
As she neglects to gives to those closest. Only to manifest her hearts desires off thy chest speaking them into existence in order to find peace and rest. Seeking what’s next. 
Gender Roles
Where one and one join together the more the “marrier,” she mastered the trades of Jill and not Jack for Jack was rarely present and that’s a fact. Her Queendom alive and well preparing the day and thriving during the night. Her hustle and bustle was the endurance and strength God bestowed upon this woman and her band. Wearing many hats as she performed on the stage in which she built with her bare hands. Hands that told the stories of one hundred plus women. Hands that worked miracles as the man above miraculously worked, keeping his favor on his child. Innovation is the certified sophistication of creativity. The necessity needed when Man and woman were created in Christ’s image one after the other. Can they survive without one another? Women play many roles in which places them at the beginning and the end.
Alpha and Omega .
This one woman and her band
You are the instrument that orchestrates and brings about life into a room full of spectators. A Tribe Call Quest. She is journeying through life seeking capital gains from the masters in disguise.
In other words she would rather give up her life or die on the line for what’s right instead of lie and not fight during the heat of the night. Doing it herself can be stressful but as long as it brings about wealth she will know how to deal keeping in mind first come mental health. Through self care the healing process becomes routine more than a scare. Being aware and awake by the ways of the world . This one woman was once a little girl. That dreamt of taking over the world. Now beating her drums a form of rum. The medication to the soul when all else unfolds and she holds. The Future.

Written By:
Desiree Dossen

The Future is woman. This poem is for young women like myself who find themselves lost in translation with self. Yet though Christ’s wisdom and intellect they seek out their destiny by simply creating it. The ways of the world shouldn’t be classified by gender. Yet our society emphasizes roles that are to define a woman’s worth. If this roles are not practiced or reversed then she’s is invaluable. In reality things shouldn’t be like this as equality can  be bliss to some people. I’m much more passionate.

I side with the young girls and women who work day in and day out manifesting their truth in spirit, through their dedication to work and innovate. I want more us and often playing many roles, many instruments, can add to the sound and outcome of that album which is brewing . Keeping your purpose in mind life will be just fine .

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