Nuchie Meek’s “This is Liberia’ and the Deafening Voices of Liberian Youth


It wasn’t just the Gwara Gwara and the Shoot that had Americans thinking twice about the ills of the society with the release of the Summer’s hit single ‘This is America’, it was the themes explored by the choreography and lyrics of Childish Gambino’s hit song. Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, broke the internet with his Summer 2018 release of the Single, ‘This is America’ which was a highly controversial song which critiques the tense relationship between Blacks and Whites in America.

With the song’s instant hit, Nigerian Superstar Falz did a rendition highlighting Nigeria’s issues with police brutality, and the nation’s mismanagement in returning the kidnapped Chibok girls back to their families.

The highly controversial and catchy ballad has now reached Africa’s oldest republic with a profound cover from Hipco/Trapco Artist, Nuchie Meek. In the song, Nuchie Meek uses his lyrics to bring to light why the statement “This Too is Liberia” has grown to become one of the nation’s most popular phrases.

This too is Liberia, where expired products are put for sale on the market…. Where the 14-year civil war has become a go-to excuse for politicians as per the lack of development in the country, despite the war having officially ended 15 years ago. Among these and other issues critiqued in the song, the line which seems to have caught the attention of the public most was Nuchie Meek’s assessment of the EBOLA crisis to hit the nation four years ago — “This is Liberia, experiment ground for EBOLA!”.

With the growing popularity of Liberia’s Hipco/Trapco, the musical genre created by Liberian Artist with Hip-Hop influences, Liberian Artists are gaining access to larger platforms where their voices can be heard. It can be agreed that music inspires the generations as well as reflects their thoughts and voices. This is why Nuchie Meek’s cover of Gambino’s hit single is so important, as it offers an informed critique of the nation, while highlighting the thoughts of the Liberian youth as per the state of the nation. Likewise, it invokes the required thought processes needed to ask the necessary questions, which will in turn yield the important answers and incite the right discussions in moving the nation forward from the same age-old issues it is embattled with.

Nuchie Meek is just one voice rapping loud the transgressions made against Liberia and its people over the generations, however, with each listen of ‘This is Liberia’, listeners are reminded why it is imperative that the voices of the people join his and continue to make loud the wrongs committed against the nation until those wrongs are made right.

You can listen to “This is Liberia by Nuchie Meek now below




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