No Man’s Land: A Reflection and Photo Story


It was 12 PM on a warm Wednesday afternoon. Just as the sun was about to hit its peak in the sky, friends gathered around to say goodbye.

“It’s not goodbye! We can always keep in touch. We have the phone, emails, and everything. We can keep in touch!” 

She promised. Unaware of the shredded tethering that awaited her in no man’s land.

She got in the car and waved goodbye to close friends – the closest of them all joining her in the car. Anything to make those last moments together last longer.

They arrived at the port and she checked in. Begged the security to return back to her friends. After all, the plane was not to arrive until hours later.

The hours passed, and they played. Running up and down, excited at the sound of every arriving plane. Oblivious to the truths that awaited her in no man’s land.

The time finally arrived, and she could beg for no more time with her closest loves, and that is when the truth begun to sink.

Leaving meant actually…. LEAVING. 

Promises of “keeping in touch” suddenly felt infertile.

Eyes wide with excitement went dark with grief.

Heart ripe with impending connections went rotten with loneliness.

Laughter turned to loud violent sobs.

A child. Ripped away from her mother’s leaking breasts. 

A mother. Torn away from her wailing cub.

An unbinding love, now bounded by distance. 

All for the unknown that awaited her in no man’s land… 

To be continued.

Journey to No Man’s Land: A Photo Story

Models: Akouavi Tehoungue & Adrienne Tingba

Photographer: WA Perspective

African visual storytellers
No man’s land is the place many Africans dream to go

visual storyteller
To go and in search of greener pastures

African visual storytellers
Forsaking the greenest land God gifted to the earth

migrant crisis
Though, its green is not the green the world seeks

visual story
The world seeks the man-made green that brings to reality your wildest dreams

African migrants
And where else to find that green, than no man’s land?

African immigration
Be careful. though.

For green only appears where it is watered, and withers to brown where it is not.

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