Mountain Dew Lodge Opens with Confidence in Liberia’s Investment Potential


Ganta, Nimba County –

As many business owners in and outside Liberia hold on to their capital amid uncertainty in Liberia’s economic growth, some new investments in Ganta City, Nimba County, awakens rural Liberia’s investment potential.

In the past few years, Liberia’s economy has suffered a devastating decline due to numerous political and environmental factors. Despite this challenging economic environment, Ganta continues to shape itself as Liberia’s next trading capital, second to Monrovia. Accordingly, a career business developer and owner of Business Link Inc., Edwina Vakun, has opened the doors to her most recent venture, Mountain Dew Lodge, in Ganta, Nimba County.

mountain dew lodge
Mountain Dew Lodge

Why Visit Ganta, Nimba County

Being a major transit point between Liberia, Guinea and the Ivory Coast, Ganta, Nimba County continues to gradually shape itself as the trading capital of Liberia. Since the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf led government paved the road leading from the nation’s capital, Monrovia, to Ganta, people can now travel to the city smoothly within 3 hours maximum.

Hailed as Liberia’s city that never sleeps, Ganta is a perfect destination for those in search of an intense nightlife experience, with a wide range of options available. In addition, Ganta is a great city to visit for business owners interested in trading commodities and expanding services to other African countries with whom Liberia shares a border.

Likewise, on the way to Ganta sits popular Liberian destinations like Kakata city, Gbarnga city, and the Kpatawee Waterfalls. After passing those active cities and beautiful natural landscapes on the way, Nimba itself has a few attractions of its own. One of those attractions popular with tourists and environmentalists is the Mount Nimba.

mountain dew lodge
Mount Nimba; by Rami Ramitto

Sitting at the peak of Yekepa, Nimba County, just 45 minutes’ drive from Ganta, Mount Nimba is a nature reserve that is home to species of elephants, baboons, etc. It is a green-covered landmark with a pristine blue lake at its center, offering visitors an unforgettable view and experience. It is often said that Nimbaians gather their strength from the mountain, hence the vast tourism potential of the Nimba mountains, and Mountain Dew Lodge.

Where to Stay

Having visited many hotels, guest houses, and lodges in rural Liberia, the comforts offered by Mountain Dew Lodge for the available rates remains unbeatable. For just USD60 per night, guests are granted access to a clean and comfortable 1-bedroom apartment of their own, with optimum privacy and security. In each apartment, there is a living room with cable television, functioning air condition, and a balcony view.

mountain dew lodge
Mountain Dew Lodge

Also, in each apartment, is a fully functional kitchen, equipped with a stove, refrigerator, kitchen utensils, and bar area. Along with that, each apartment has its own bathroom with a powerful standing shower. Additionally, in the bedroom lies a comfortable bed, with access to a balcony that offers a sensational view of the road to Monrovia or rural Liberia, or the some of Ganta’s lush green forests.

As it is owned by a self-made Liberian business woman and product of Nimba County, Mountain Dew Lodge is a place Nimbaians and all Liberians can be proud of.

Why Invest in Rural Liberia

While it can be agreed that the current state of Liberia’s economic and political environment is a deterring factor to both homegrown and foreign investors, the owner of the newly opened Mountain Dew Lodge urges all those who can, to take the leap of faith and begin investing into Liberia’s private sector, especially in the rural areas. As a business developer who has lived and worked in Liberia all her life, Vakun trusts in her investment into Nimba, and into Liberia, and encourages others to do the same. Monrovia and Montserrado County are gradually becoming clustered and overpopulated, alarming a need for rapid decentralization efforts into other parts of the country.

As the government’s pro-poor agenda on road infrastructural development gradually takes hold, Liberians must now begin to consider the resource potentials that exist outside of Montserrado. Liberians cannot continue to take the backseat, while others develop Liberia for them. As such, it is important that financially abled Liberians take charge and show trust and faith in the country and its operating environment by leading the way for investment.

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