#MLMA Madness: Your 5-Step Guide to the 2018 MTN Liberia Music Awards


Wey jeh few days left until ley first ever MTN Liberia Music Awards, some of you are maybe trying to find out na how to make da day strong, nan lazy! Since we na finish telling yor how to vote for yor favorite artists and song den either on ley internet, on through text, and hopefully yor na finish voting plenty! We coming teh yor na weh all to do so da you can be in ley building on this Saturday December 22, at ley Centennial Pavilion, to see yor best artist den get award for diah fine fine song den. You mon jeh keep reading so you can find out ereytin!


PC Courtesy of Lonestar Cell MTN

Remind Yor Fren Den to Buy Diah Owna Ticket!

Photo courtesy of Lonestar Cell MTN

We are very seerus abut ley ticket business ooh. If you na geh yor ticket, ley peepo wey na let you enter insah ley show. So you and yor fren den should please use yor mobile money to buy yor ticket, or look for ley Lonestar Cell peepo da sehling it.

Go Vote For yor Best Artist den if you na Vote yet

We alredy na show yor how to vote for all yor best artist den HERE, so go make sure you vote so you can’t be vex when different artist den win.

Go Sew Yor Clothes You Wehying.

PC: Stubbs Fabrics Instagram feed

If you na know wehplay to geh yor style, lappa, and tin den from, jeh go on Instagram to find some shop den da can seh ready-made clothes, like Wonseh Designs, Monsio Couture, and Stubbs fabrics. Or you can talk to celebrity stylist, Patmole Cole, to geh you ready for the show good good!

Be to ley Centennial Pavilion Saturday December 22, at 6:30 in ley evening

PC: Lonestar Cell MTN

You na want miss ley show ooh. All yor best stars den will be performing; like CIC, DenG, Ziggy Ray, Kuami Eugene, and Eric Geso. 

One more tin seh befoe I come forgeh. If you tink say you geh talent to put foot to all ley stars den at ley show on Saturday, ley Lonestar peepo na tink of sontin for you too. Jeh make yor ownseh freestyle dance or singing video and upload it online wey da tag, #MLMA, #DaWhoCanPutFoot and tag ley Lonestar peepo. If you geh plenty likes on Facebook or Instagram, den maybe you wey win to go perform to ley show on Saturday.

Don’t say I na teh yor oooohhh.  

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