MLMA 2020: A Next Level Showcase for Liberian Creatives


On Saturday, November 14, 2020, the MTN Liberia Music Awards returned to the Ministerial Complex in Paynesville, Liberia. Brought together by 3-times co-host, Radio Personality, Rickslyn Myers, and first time co-host, Music Producer, Cypha D’ King, and red carpet host, Blogger, Alpha Bah, the show was the most anticipated night of the year. Beyond just a night outing, though, it has grown to what it is today because it is the one night in the year that Liberia’s creative industry gets a chance to shine in all its glory.

Since Saturday, there has been nothing else discussed on social platforms than the MLMA, and this is due to the superb production of Echo House, Liberia. It is the marketing production team’s third time curating the event, and their promise of next level production surely delivered. From the handling of ticketing and media presence, to the artists performances, a blinding red carpet, and even the simple, but important touches of a champagne station, live orchestra, and photo booth. This event is the elegant night out the creative industry has needed for a very long time, and it showed in the attendance and reactions. With a mostly Liberian team at Echo House Liberia, including Adesuwa Dickens, Kerrion Williams, Sean Gibson, Jacob Davis, and Azariah Hallowanger, it was a classic event for Liberian creatives to shine.

While the actual purpose of the award show has been about awarding the best talents in the music industry, the fashion industry has proven a top competitor. As viewers turned to social media, it wasn’t only the winners they tuned in for, but rather the fashion. Who wore what, why, and how? What we saw more of this year was the use of stylists, and the welcoming of new designers to the scene. What we didn’t see much of, as we stated in this article, was the use of lappa. Many of the looks have shown a new direction for the future of Liberian fashion, and we couldn’t be more excited for this and the growth of the Liberian creative industries.

Faith Vonic wearing Sanorkoon Designs

With emerging designers like Carrilven Signatures, Trice N Zor, Sanorkoon Designs, Rinna’s Clothing,  and Africanno Designs, there were some fresh new ideas on the red carpet. Meanwhile, the more veteran designers like Monsio Couture,  and Cam’s Fashion Designs did not disappoint! Continue below for the MLMA experience in a round up of our favorite looks of the night, as selected by both our editors and audience. 

Top Big Jue Fashion Moments

Top Cralor Boy Fashion Moments

Squad Goals Moments

3 Responses
  • Victoria
    November 16, 2020

    Well said and the event was really put together! Thank goodness our industry is growing and you people are the brain behind the success as well.

  • Dearest
    November 16, 2020

    Love this round up. So, in conclusion, Monsio and Sanorkoon dominated with exceptional, star-moment designs this year.🙌🏾

  • Richard B Giah jr
    November 17, 2020

    Congratulations to y’all for the work you guys keep putting in, I must admit that the 2020 Award night was epic and we as Liberians can’t thank you more! Let this positivity not stop!

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