Me. A Liberian Woman


I am a woman. I am a Liberian.

I am strong.  I am smart. I am bold.

I am passionate. I am full of life!

Me. A Liberian woman. 

I am the breaker of barriers.

I am Africa’s first female President and Head of State.

There is no glass ceiling too thick for the swing of my hips.

Me. A Liberian Woman.

I am beautiful.

I sing and dance to the beat of my own drums. I am resourceful.

It is I who carried the torch that led my nation out of a 14-year civil war.

Me. A Liberian Woman.

I do not ask for a seat at the table. I take my seat at the table. 

There are no heights too high for me. No miles too long. No task too difficult.

It is through me life enters this world.

Me. A Woman.

I am not only someone’s Mother. Sister. Wife. Daughter. I AM Someone. 

I can be vulnerable, but I am resilient.

I feel my emotions, but never mistake it for weakness.

I know what I want, and I know how to get it.

Me. A Woman.

I am not requesting equal access to rights and opportunities.

I demand it.

I walk with my neck long, shoulders back, steps wide, head up high, and eyes straight up on the prize. How else would walk, If I am to lead my nation forward?

Me. A Liberian Woman.

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