Lonestar Cell’s MTN Liberia Music Awards Supports Liberian Talents


On December 22, Lonestar Cell MTN is introducing a new addition to its support to local Liberian talent with the MTN Liberia Music Awards. Over the years, Lonestar Cell MTN has been heavily focused on promoting and supporting Liberian talent through numerous initiatives that incorporates local talent, entertainment, modeling, among others. The MTN Liberia Music Awards, though, will be adding some different spice to how awards shows are run in Liberia. Allow us to tell you more.

The Liberia Music Awards is not a new concept in totality, as it has been hosted in the United States annually. This year though, MTN has brought the awards to Liberia and rebranded it as the MTN Liberia Music Awards to work as a blend between the industries and artists based in Liberian and in America.

Speaking on the company’s commitment to investing in and supporting Liberian talent, the Chief Marketing Officer, Yaw Ankoma Agyapong, stated; “We have faith in the development of the Liberian youth, and it is because of this fact that we have overwhelmingly supported the Liberian music industry’s growth over the years. Our support to the music industry over the years signifies our company’s commitment to help diversify the country’s economy by empowering the music industry to become an engine of growth. The partnership between the company and the award organizers is a long-term one that will have a vastly positive effect on the growth of the Liberian music industry and expose its talent to the world.”

Likewise, using the hashtag #MLMA, the MTN Liberia Music Awards is utilizing the social media space, further spreading the reach of its support to local Liberian talents. Through the use of bloggers, influencers, and other major wave makers in the Liberian social media landscape, they are encouraging total involvement of the public in awarding its favorite Liberian stars.

MLMA Press Conference

With all the support Lonestar Cell MTN has given to the Liberian public over the years, it is important we return that support by getting involved in the award process. The way to get involved is by voting online and via SMS for your favorite artists in the numerous available categories. Here are the rules:

 Voting Process Online

  • Visit www.liberiamusicawards.org
  • Scroll down to the “voting” section
  • You’ll see blue “vote” icon at the lower right corner under each category
  • Click on the artist you want to vote for and click the blue “vote” icon
  • You’ll be notified once the voting period is done
  • Voters are allowed to vote once a day per each category

SMS Voting Process

  • Lonestar Cell subscribers send the code of your preferred nominee to 1160
  • You’ll then receive a SMS notification confirming the vote.
  • If you enter the wrong code, you’ll get a message informing you that the code is wrong and that you should send the right code to the short code 1160.
  • You can vote as many times as possible.
  • Each SMS is 0.10 cents per vote.
  • You will be notified once the voting process come to an end.
Sample of the SMS voting form – More on the Lonestar Cell MTN Instagram Account, and on www.liberiamusicawards.com

 Before and after you are through with your voting, enjoy this playlist of nominees of the #MLMA

Koloqua Vibes: #MLMA Awards Nominees

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