Lonestar Cell MTN Plugs Liberian Youth to Life, Unrestricted!


My pipo yor hear me ooooh. Lonestar Cell MTN finish bringing sontin new to Liberia, and ley pipo calling ay ley Plug. You been feeling restricted and wan find out more abuh how to break free from ay? Jeh keep reading for all access to ley fwest class cabin flight to a life unrestricted.

Photo from MTN Plug

On Saturday, May 18th, one of Liberia’s leading telecommunications companies, Lonestar Cell MTN, launched its newest twist to the telecommunications industry at a fun-packed event. The event, marketed by Echo House Ltd., saw the gathering of some of Liberia’s most influential youth and top celebrities.

The platform, MTN Plug, is the first in Liberia to be made directly for and by the Liberian youth, in collaboration with Lonestar Cell MTN. It is exclusively available to young people between 18 and 30 years old, and provides them with products and services tailored to their lifestyle, like affordable and reliable internet access, for example.

Feeling Restricted?

With many Liberian youth now looking to the internet and social media to create and expand their brands, Plug couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Activities like blogging, vlogging, social media management/marketing, etc. can sometimes be a challenge here in Liberia due to high costs of low quality internet. As such, we are very eager to Plug in to this product made especially with these restrictions in mind.

Photo from MTN Plug

Speaking to the media, the CEO of Lonestar Cell MTN, Yaw Ankoma explained;

“At Lonestar, we believe the youth will be the driving force behind Liberia’s growth. Our aim is to build a platform that pulls them together as a community and provides opportunities for them to realize their full potential. We believe, as a united front, the Liberian youth can and will achieve great things.”

He continued, “The youth have a lot to show in terms of talent and passion, and we are looking to provide the necessary tools and platform to empower them and encourage them to express themselves and showcase what they have. In doing that, we will bring the best of Liberia to the world and help young people to build careers out of their passions.”

Plug In

Photo from MTN Plug

Potential users, on Saturday, experienced a glimpse into Plug’s promise to deliver a life, unrestricted. Accordingly, the night provided a networking space for some key individuals in Liberia’s entertainment industry. After we all plugged in, the performances from top musicians like Kobazzie the Lorma Boy, Eric Geso, and Jaredo; mingling, and carefree fun were all just the butter on the boiled cassava.

On top of that, Plug enhanced its promise of a life of no restrictions by providing subscribers with free social media benefits, as well as unbeatable discounts for internet usage and voice calls. Plug goes even further and provide subscribers with discounts at cinemas, restaurants and other popular hangout spots.


Become a lonestar Cell MTN customer today and get plugged in, and once you are customer, subscribe to MTN Plug by dialing *231#. All new subscriptions receive 100MB of data as a welcome offer. In addition, Plug has a referral rewards system that rewards subscribers with free data when they successfully invite their friends to join the platform.

MTN Plug overall seeks to empower and uplift the Liberian youth and promises a host of amazing offers and perks in the coming months and years. continue below for peek into an exclusively unrestricted launch party, and dial *231# now so you too can experience a life unrestricted.

MTN Plug Unrestricted Launch Party

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