Your Guide to Liberian Nightlife and the Holiday Event Season


This article is written in collaboration the Chichipoly Room.

Nightlife in Liberia is quite simple to navigate, as it has very few options, and is scheduled according to the week day. Because Liberia’s nightlife is a bit scheduled, the routine of it can grow a bit tired very quickly. Some people do not enjoy going out to the same places on the same assigned days, only to run into the same people. It can start to feel repetitive quickly. Luckily, though, the suddenness and routine of it can feel quite ideal for a visitor, who won’t catch a hard time finding their way, and will leave just in time before it all starts to grow tired.

Another way to bypass the routine of it all, is to familiarize yourself with the nightlife scene in its entirety and choose your favorite hot spots.  Available in the sphere of Liberian nightlife are some clubs/lounges/bars/pubs like the Royal Rooftop Bar for a more upscale atmosphere; Level 246 for a glimpse into Liberian music culture; the Capital Room for dancing with a view and some great cigars/cocktails; Fuzion D’Afrique for great food and live band; Angler’s Bar and Grille for Karaoke by the sea; Green Oceans, Pepper Fish or Old Folks for local pub fun; The Lounge for a college kickback feel; and Red Lion for a more exclusive and laid back sports bar feel, among others. Among these, visitors have the option of visiting on the assigned days, or going there on any day for lunch, happy hour, dinner, or nightlife.

Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Red Lion Karaoke Angler’s Karaoke -Royal Rooftop Bar

-Level 246

-Capital Room

-Live Band at Fuzion,

-Green Oceans

-Pepper Fish

-Beach day at Tropicana, other beaches

-Musu’s Spot

If you are someone who is still skeptical on whether or not Liberia is the place to take your vacation this December, rest assure that the below list of events for the season will sway you. If you are already decided on going, and have read our survivor’s guide, you are in for such a treat!

Take a look at the below list of planned events for the season thats sure to give you a real taste of Liberian enjoyment. Please note that some of the events are preliminary, which means more can be added, while at the same time, some could be taken away.


11/23 – Inter-Collegiate Basketball Tournament

11/28 – The Wet and Wild Pool Party at Tropicana Resort

11/29 – Official Elizabeth’s Village Resort opening party

11/29 – Pool Party/Comedy Show at Libassa Ecolodge

11/29 – Davido in Liberia Concert

Besides the listed scheduled events, November 29 marks the initiation into dry season. Every weekend after this date, various beaches around the country are filled with beach-goers and beach parties. You just take your pick. If you are looking for somewhere quieter, there are private beaches in Paynesville like the ELWA beach which is great for walks or workouts, or Golden beach in Sinkor, which is known for their sunsets and tacos. If you are up for a beach party, visit Miami Beach in Mamba point, or Cooper’s Beach in Paynesville during any given weekend. For the out of town adventurers, make it a beach day road trip to Sunset beach in Buchanan, or Robertsport in Cape Mount County for some of the most surf ready waves in all of West Africa


12/8 – Afro-Kurl Fest presented by Naz Naturals

12/15 – Monrovia African Pop-up Shop presented by Myeonway Designs

12/19 – We love the 90’s Day Party

12/22 – Bloggers Day Party by the ChichipolyRoom X LIBInfluence X Diamond Online

12/22 –  Liberian Music Awards

12/23 – Major Ent. And TMT Sports Day,

12/23 – Monrovia Street Festival

12/24 – The All White Party

12/29 – The TMT Pool Party at Libassa Ecolodge

12/30 – Bleejay’s Resort Day Party at Elizabeth’s

12/31 – The All Black Party

12/31 – Nanalodge’s NYE Beach Party Under the Stars

At the moment, it seems the entire holiday season is saturated within December, however, more events are expected to be announced as time progresses. Also, it is important to be aware of all the possibilities, so as to be properly equipped in making the right choices on where to relinquish your holiday fever – party or no party.

Whichever route you choose, remember to keep your safety at top priority. Do not drive if you are unfamiliar with the city terrain, especially at night time. Do not pick or entertain fights with anyone for any reason. Remain alert of your surroundings and valuables. If you or your friend group plan to get drunk at any of the overnight pool or resort parties, please ensure you prepare ahead of time by booking your night’s stay at said resort.

With that said, when the clock strikes midnight on November 29, forget everything you know about partying, because you are in for an experience of a lifetime! Liberians know how to enjoy; so much so that their enjoyment can be transferred onto you in spite of your reservations, if any. Open your mind to the experiences that awaits you and remember to enjoy each of them the best way you know how.


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