Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Liberia Edition


Halloween is an American holiday that has transcended beyond its borders and is now celebrated around the world. Every year, beginning November 1, people begin planning all the possibilities of costumes they will execute for the next year, only to wait until the day itself, October 31, the following year, to put on a black outfit and some bunny ears as a last-minute costume.

While Halloween is frowned upon by many Africans and those from highly religious backgrounds for its other-worldly connotations and deathly undertones, the day can also be repurposed as a day to be anything, or anyone you want to be. The past few years, I have used Halloween to pay homage to my idols and inspirations; Frida Kahlo, Sade Adu, and my most festive self. Others use the day to be creative with the costumes, drawing inspirations from fairytale characters, popular memes, comic book super-heroes, past Presidents, etc. It’s a day to be fun, festive, creative, and maybe even a little scary.

Contestants in the 2017 Fuzion Halloween costume contest

If you are like us and rummaging your mind for a last-minute costume, don’t fret, as we’ve concocted an enchanting list of costume ideas inspired by the Liberian people, music, culture, etc. We’ve also cooked up a little playlist to go along with you for the Halloween weekend. Enjoy!,

  • Itchy Ritchy

Inspired by the Cralorboy C.I.C, you can take a nab at creating a costume that leaves you and everyone who sees you Itching for more Halloween fun.

  • Pekin John

Pekin John is what the Liberian people call a woman with a short haircut, so take your clippers and get to chopping! Or maybe just try this costume if you already have a short haircut, and get creative with the outfit.

  • C.I.C. Bachelor

Its clear that we love the Cralorboy here, or maybe he’s just really good at naming his songs possible Halloween costume ideas.. Whichever it is, this one da easy one. Just get creative with your most bachelor worthy look, and walk around playing C.I.C’s bachelor on your phone the entire night surrounded by beautiful ladies. The people will get the picture.

  • Mamie Wata

This one da old one ooh, and it can be scary, if you do it right. Get creative with your makeup and hair, and make sure to put your most seductive look on as you attempt your take on Liberia’s  most feared mystical villain.

  • Liberian Cultural Dancer

Dust off your raffia skirt, beads, and portoh paint with this fun and culturally relevant costume. Wearing this one, you won’t have to find any excuse for dancing all night long.

  • LNP Officer

What is a Liberian Halloween party without some distinguished LNP officers to keep the night safe? You can take a classic twist to a police officer costume by making it an LNP officer. Guarantee that it will be a sure conversation starter.

  • President Weah/Oppong

We can’t let this other Halloween pass without somebody being our ownseh pro-poor chief! You can be the President himself in your classic pro-poor suit, or you can be Oppong, when he was dominating the football field.

  • Lonestar Player

Pick your favorite player from the Lonestar football team, and rep Liberia in your football jersey all night long. Even add the football itself for extra flare. The good thing with this costume is, even if you don’t get it right, at least people will tell you “The boy did well” all night long.

  •  Kebbeh

Social media was taken by a storm with the story of Kebbeh. You can jot people’s memories to this historic day in Liberian pop culture by getting creative with a Kebbeh costume for the night. The boys will just be looking for you!

  • Missing Container

This one might take a little bit of effort, but if executed well, you will be of everyone’s interest throughout the night. After-all, who doesn’t want to be the one who finds the missing container?

  • Yourself

If all else fails and you cannot possibly execute any of the listed costume ideas, you can go as yourself! Take a swing at your most festive, or inspiring, or simply your best self. This option will get you questions of “who are you” all night, but at least it will peak people’s interest.

Halloween is the one day in the year to try and not take yourself too seriously. The above list are only some ideas to choose from, or use to expand into your own more festive idea. Whatever the case might be, or whatever you choose, make sure you have fun with the night, eat all the candy you possibly can, and enjoy some sweet LIB tunes  from our below playlist to make the night especially special. 


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