Koloqua da for dey Peepo Seh Seh



Da ting weh dey can be talking so, dee Liberuh peepo, dey ting wheh dey can be talking say da chilren dem mon be talking good good English eray day. Dey na know say da Koloqua da sunting by itseh? Dey tink say Koloqua wan be lek good English seh?

We dey Liberen peepo. We na wan name one talk, say it for dey whole country. We say da Bassa, dey Kpelleh peepo get vex, say why it mon be Bassa and na Kpelle? We say okay, yall let teach Kpelle in dey skoo. Dey peepo who can speak it say it na hard to learn, so all dey chilren dem will learn it in class and it way be dey talk wheh dey peepo way be talkin in dey whole country. We say da one, den dey Mano peepo too get vex. Why we mon choose Kpelle and not Mano.

So dey chilren dem say, we way speak our Koloqua jeh leh dat. Yall mon carry yall standard English and go buss!

Den we get vex. Say dey chilren dem mon na talk Koloqua. Ay na good good English. Dey mon talk dey english where dey Wheh man gay us. Dey mon not only talk it,  dey mon talk it weh weh, so dey Wheh man can be happay and say, “Yeh, dey peepo speaking dey Wheh man english good good. We mon not mean dem with visa anymo seh”.

I tink da dey only way dey papay and dey olma nen way be happay. Becuh dey Jamaican peepo can leh da chilren dem speak Patois, no hala hala. Dey Nigerian peepo can leh da chilren speak Pidgin, no hala hala. But dey Liberen peepo paaaah. De say koloqua for dey street chilren. Dey na happay da dey chilren dem na make da ownseh talk to be talking ooo. Dey say dey na wan hear it seh from dey chilren dem mouth. Da na what dey sent dey chilren dem to skoo for to be speaking heavy Koloqua in peepo ear.

But dey way seh dey chilren dem na know Bassa, dey na know Kpelle, dey na know Mano, or Lorma, or any of dey talk dem where their ma and pa can be talking, den wetin way come from in da mouth for dem to say dat their ownseh talk? If all dey chilren dem forget about Koloqua and speak dey peepo good good english, den when dey see da fren dem Liberen peepo outside wetin dey way talk nah?

Me paaaa, I say yall mon lee dey chilren dem to be talkin da Koloqua.  Since yall na want give dem different ting to be talking. Koloqua for Liberuh. Ay na for nobody else. You go up, you come down, when you hear some body talking Koloqua in dey street, you know say da Liberuh man talking.

Who even teh dem say when you talk Koloqua you cant talk good good english? Yall jeh lee dey chilren  yaaaah mmm! At least wen we get dey lay Koloqua it way be good wen we see our Liberian brother dem outside so we can hear dem talking and know say da Liberuh man talking.

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