Koloqua Style: Graduation Season 2019


The 2019 college graduation season in the United States has shown the world that not only are Liberians educated, they are educated and fashionable. As such, in this week’s edition of our Koloqua style fashion roundup, we are highlighting some bossed up, leveled up, degreed up, and styled up graduates of the season that have made us so, so proud.

I remember during my college days when I would dress fashionably to class, I would receive comments from some people, including relatives, on how and why I am focusing on the wrong things. It was as if I had to make a choice; be fashionable, or be educated, as though the two cannot coexist. Likewise, I remember having to defend Liberians around the world in a debate that skewed toward the opposing sides resolving that Liberians do not like school. It was a conclusion that did not consider the facts, nor did it factor in the contributing causes to the nation’s unimpressive literacy rates. Nonetheless, young Liberian men and women around the world are proving that it is not only possible to attain an education, but it is possible to do so without having to forfeit other parts of themselves. Continue below for a full roundup of some incredible and culturally relevant graduation fashion that will make you want to enroll into university jus na!

Koloqua Style: Stying Liberian Graduates

Bleejay Innis with a Masters from Georgetown University

Lorpu, with a Bachelors from Temple University

Ruth Gaykai with a Bachelors from Rutgers University

Lillian Chie with a Bachelors in Finance and International Management from University of North Carolina Charlotte

Samina Martin with a Medical Degree from Caribbean Medical University

Mardia Davies with a Bachelors in Public Health Administration and Psychology from Worcester State University

Dane Gbeintor with a Bachelors from North Dakota State University

Lortonio Tokpah with her Bachelors from Arizona State University

Ciatu and Ciana Fahnbulleh with their Masters from Marian University

Karmo D. Ville with a Masters in Energy and Finance from Columbia University

Magdeline Massaquoi with her Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University

Diamond Sonpon with a Bachelors in Health System Management from University of Baltimore

Clement Gibson with a Masters from Jackson State University

Alvileen Diggs with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Maryland

Oliver Lloyd with a Bachelors from Clemson University

Suma Massalay with a Bachelors from San Diego State University

Korlu Yassah with a Bachelors from Penn State University

Florence Gbaintor with a Masters from University of Pittsburg

Korpo Talweh with a Masters in Public Health from New York Medical College

So, the trend for this week? Bossed, up, Leveled up, and Degreed Up! Don’t sit down and be making school and fashion lazy ooh my fellow Liberian people. Lets learn from these styling graduates and up our levels in many ways as well.

Until next time! πŸ™‚

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