Koloqua Style: Trending Moments in Liberian Fashion


Since our last Koloqua Style ™ roundup, there has been some major happenings in the Liberian fashion and art industries. For starters, USA-based Photographer, Isaac West ‘s photographs took front page in a Paper Magazine editorial feature on American superstar actress, Zendaya. The editorial is the second major work shot by West to be featured in the popular US magazine. Following suit to West’s feature, the trends dominating among Liberians around the world since our last roundup has shown that it is time to spring up new colors to our wardrobes.

From bold, bright colors, to more pastel and dark solid palettes, the trends dominating among Liberians around the world in the past week remained true to form. Liberians are never ones to shy away from the drama, so it is unsurprising that the latest trends are taking this route. Likewise, with its shared history with the USA, there are many American influences in Liberian culture. As such, the increasing trend of modern styles with lappa prints took the backstage in the past week.

In the past week, European/American influences reigned supreme, as most of our trendsetters chose solid colors and classic cuts over lappa patterns. Will this be the trend for the incoming Summer/Rainy Season months, or are we in for more twists and turns? Continue below and decide for yourself.

Koloqua Style: Liberian Fashion Trends

Big Jues

US-Based Model, Maconnie Dukuly

Social Media Personality, Abbi

Blogger, Angelina Davies

Textile Designer, Lovetta Conto

Travel Blogger, Sarlea Mah

Social media Personality, Aria Oki

Social Media Personality, Valarie

Hair Stylist, CEO, Charm 8 Hair, Muna Nimely

Founder, Chief Executive Women, Desiree Dossen

CEO, Bedroom Bully, Sylvia

Fashion Designer, Bijou Lareine

Fashion Designer, June Damey

Lifestyle Blogger, Jankai Mulbah

Former Mayor of Paynesville City, Cyvette Gibson

Beautypreneur, Sambi Alieu

CEO, Stubbs Fabrics, Leah Stubblefield

Editor in Chief, the Koloqua Dialogues, Adrienne Tingba

Social Media Personality, Pearl

Activist, Satta F. Sheriff

Cralor Boys

Singer/Songwriter, Cjay

Sneaker Connoisseur, Mbaimba

Fashion Designer/Stylist, Patmole Cole

Co-Founder, Waterside Apparels, Daquan Earle

Singer/Songwriter, Cralorboy CIC

Blogger, Diamond Online, Sheikh Mohammed

Social media Personality, Winston Gant

Fine Artist, Rodney Sikdar

The Gentlemen of Bilikon Ent. Lyee and Sidikie Bility (L & M)

And that’s it for this week’s lesson in Koloqua Style. see you all next time!

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