Koloqua Style Roundup: Pre-Independence LIB Takeover


How’s my pipo doing oooooh? Yor doing alreh, we hope! As we start yet another week in the jolly July, LIB Takeover is turning out to be more effective, as Liberians are doing their best to make Liberia visible on the map.

It’s as if somebody went and made Liberians vexed last week, because the LIB Takeover was not for fun! For starters, Photographer, Isaac West delved into new creative territory with the release of his debut single, Biggie. Additionally, Designer, Archel Bernard showcased her Liberia-inspired tie-dye pieces at a fine arts showcase in Atlanta, while Boxer, Freddy Kiwitt won the African Boxer Championship in Ghana. Meanwhile, the major headliner of the week was an incredible underdog victory by the LEAD Football Academy of Liberia U15 girls, as they won the 2019 USA cup in Minnesota.

With all the exciting wins in the past week, we Liberians have a whole to celebrate. In fact, some of our frehn neh already na start wey their jolly jolly. This 26 paa, ley pipo say we na making it lazy. And so, as our our ownseh olma, Mama Liberia prepares to celebrate her 172nd birthday this Friday, continue below for some chilled and vibrant pre-independance dress codes our fellow Liberians been rocking.

Koloqua Style: Pre-Independence Dress Codes

Radio Presenter Grace Hawa Weah

Photo from Instagram/Official_Masterqueen

Fashion Designer, Joanna Arku

Photo from Instagram/ZoeArku

Singer/Songwriter, Snoti

Photo from Instagram/SnotiMusic

Poet/Activist, Beulah Nimene

Photo from Instagram/Flames_Of_Beu

Lawyer, Miatta Fatima

Photo from Instagram/Miatta_Fatima

Beauty Blogger, Leann Knowlden

Photo from Instagram/Leann_Knowlden

Model/Humanitarian, Wokie Zaria

Photo from Instagram/IamWokieZaria

Digital Creator/ Travel Blogger, Sarlea Mah

Photo from Instagram/Sarleamah

CEO, Face Africa, Saran Kaba Jones

Photo from Instagram/SaranKJones

Sneaker Collector, Mbaimba

Photo from Instagram/Your__Plugs_Plug

Model/Humanitarian Laurine

Photo from Instagram/MizzLaurine

Blogger, Michelle Doe

Photo from Instagram/MichelleDoeOfficial

Fashion Designer, Melody Asherman

Photo from Instagram/RRFashionista

Model, Maima

Photo from Instagram/Maima_O

Entrepreneur/Fashion Designer, Archel Bernard

Photo from Instagram/ItsArchel

Boxer, Freddy Kiwitt

Photo from Instagram/Freddy_Kiwitt

Model, Victoria Togoe

Photo from Instagram/VictoriaTogoe

Artist/Model, Jay

Photo from Instagram/TheReal__JayBlaq

Designer/Model, Queyoun

Photo from Instagram/Queyoun

CEO/Editor-in-Chief, The Koloqua Dialogues, Adrienne Tingba

Photo from Instagram/GirlWithThePearls

Blogger, Ahmed Abdullai

Photo from Instagram/Vai_Chief

Founder of Chief Executive Women, Desiree Dossen

Photo from Instagram/Neferdede

Designer/CEO Aryeah Kolubah and Co., Aryeah Kolubah

Photo from Instagram/A_Kolubah

CEO/Founder Amplified Ent., Victor George

Photo from Instagram/Victor_George1847

Hostage Negotiator, Marcia Gooding

Photo from Instagram/Rain8Gade

CEO DKT Polish, Shirlynn

Photo from Instagram/Shirlynn0215

Athlete, Sammy

Photo from Instagram/IamSammy__

Design Director, Anthony Walker

Photo from Instagram/Waterside_Ant

Fashion Enthusiast, Angelo Koimene

Photo from Instagram/Angelo.Stylez

CEO Connie’s Hair, Erica Dagbe

Photo from Instagram/EricaDOfficial

CEO Yeshua Jewelry, Samuel Koimene

Photo from Instagram/Koimenethe_Jeweler

CEO Nyoni Couture, Nyoni

Photo from Instagram/Nyoni_Couture

Model, Khadija Angel

Photo from Instagram/KhadijaAngel

Vlogger, Philimena Urey

Photo from Instagram/Philmena

PR and Events Specialist at Becca Cosmetics, Francia Cooper

The way LIB Takeover na start good good this week, we just can’t wait to see what patriotic blay you all coming kill! Be sure to tag us, cuz we will be on the watch! Enjoy the week, and we’ll see you next week for another exciting style roundup, the Koloqua way.

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