Koloqua Style: Liberians Leveling Up Through Fashion


The Liberian fashion industry, in the last week, acquired a massive breakthrough! How massive, you ask? Well, give me small chance to tell you…

On Saturday, June 22, 2019, Liberian fashion reached international press coverage when renowned accessory designer, Wilhelmina Cooper, was featured in an episode of CNN’s African Voices. The episode highlighted the designer and her works over the years with Myeonway’s Designs, the Monrovia African Pop-Up Shop, and more recently, Jewels by Myeonway. In her interview, Cooper stated that her goal is to have women feeling good about themselves, while kicking ass and looking badass in accessories made in Liberia.

Following suit to her ‘Made in Liberia’ model, the designer was adorned in all clothing and accessories made and sold in Liberia. Did the rest of Liberians around the world also follow the trend set by Cooper? Continue below for a full Koloqua style roundup of all the major trends reigning supreme among Liberians around the world, to see how Liberians are putting their country on the map through fashion.

Liberians leveling up in Fashion

Co-Owner MVD Inc, Miatta Johnson

Creator of The Fine Wine Series, Kwashee Totimeh

Founder of Myeonway Designs, Wilhelmena Cooper

Stylist/Designer, Patmol Cole

SuperModel, Ziama Younger

Social Media Personality, Mohammed Kaba

Hostage Negotiator, Marcia Gooding

Photographer/Creative Director Isaac West

CEO of Charm8 Hair, Muna Nimeley

Singer/Songwriter, CJay

Founder of Mental Care Liberia, Samantha Goba

Singer/Songwriter, Sirweah

Beauty Entrepreneur, Sambi Alieu

Singer/Songwriter, Jaredo

Make-up Artist, Simonlyn Wisseh

FilmMaker, Robert Mathais

Fashion Designer, June Damey

Singer/Songwriter, Stunna

Activist & Writer, Bilphena Yahwon

Nurse, Gifty Amadu

CEO of TBM Networks, Tinesi Minekon

Editor-In-Chief of The Koloqua Dialogues, Adrienne Tingba

Fashion Designer, Comfort Norkeh

Social Media Personality, Jazzy Love

Fashion Designer/ Model, Maima

Teacher, Joi Frankfort

Singer/Songwriter, Faithvonic

Actress/T.V Host, Cece Maintain

Astrologer, Vei

Fashion Designer, Melody Asherman

Writer, Kennedia

Owner of Silhouette Stylez, Josephine

Model, Jaz

Beauty Influencer, Nauteya Whyee

CEO of Stubbs Fabrics, Leah Stubblefield

As Liberians are leveling up in the Fashion Industry, we Know it only goes upward from here. Will the “Made in Liberia” print remain trendy as this week goes? Keep tuned to find out what the next week brings in Koloqua Style.

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