Koloqua Style: Bomb Mom Fashion Moments


The month of May is a very special one. It promotes the health of women, especially Black women, by hosting Lupus awareness month. At the same time, it supports the sexual liberation of women by hosting national masturbation month. With the wealth of observations in the month of May, our favorite has to be Mother’s Day. As Mother’s Day celebrations took over our social media feeds yesterday, we decided to do a special Koloqua style round up featuring some of our bomb moms and their timelesly classic fashion moments.

Bomb Mom Styles

Ayana Gibbs and her mini wearing EveRRythingRRouge.

Koloqua Style
Photo from Instagram/EverrythingRrouge

Hair Stylist, Massa Olaiya with her mini.

Photo from Instagram/Massa_at_MassasHairStudio

DeRon von Ballmoos with his bomb mom, Rhonda von Ballmoos.

Photo from Instagram/Mr_Moos

Janelle Madeah’s bomb mom!

Photo from Instagram/MizzAddytude

Eunice Roberts with her mini, Leila.

Photo from Instagram/LoyalGirl91

The Bernard sisters, with their bombchel mom.

Photo from Instagram/ItsArchel

Bomb mom, RN, Amelia D. Sekie

Photo from Instagram/AmeliaSekie

Bomb mom to choreographer, Cece Tor, Ramatu Zubah.

Photo from Instagram/CeceBandit

Monique Yahp with bomb MIL, Aunty Debbie.

Photo from Instagram/LIB_Estrella

Queyoun Makor with his bomb mom.

Photo from Instagram/Queyon

Bomb mom to Koloqua Kueen, Adrienne Tingba, Edwina Vakun (Middle)

Photo by Adrienne Tingba

Fashion Designer, Hannah P. with her minis.

Photo from Instagram/ChosenStylezByHannah

Autrishia Autridge, with her mini, Alexia.

Photo from Instagram/AlexiaMichalTaylor

The Women of S. Trowen Nagbe UMC celebrating Mother’s Day.

Photo from Instagram/KoloquaDialogues

Influencer and bomb mom, Mattie James, with her minis, Maizah and Caliana.

Photo from Instagram/TheMattieJames

CEO, LIBFood.com, Thalmus Hare, with his bomb mom!

Photo from Instagram/LIBFood

Bomb mom, Marcia Gooding, with her mini.

Photo from Instagram/Rain8Gade

Yogi, Louvette Neal, with her bomb mom!

Photo from Instagram/Iam_Lou_Vette

Hair Stylist, Zuleema, with her bomb mom!

Photo from Instagram/ZuleemaMalya

Real Estate Developer, Bleejay Innis, with his bomb mom, Irene Innis.

Photo from Instagram/Mr_Innis

Musician, Skylett White’s bomb mom, Gwen.

Photo from Instagram/IamSkylettWhite

Bomb mom to Miss Liberia USA 2018, Naomi Glay.

Photo from Instagram/NaomiNucia

Fashion Designer, Nyoni, with his bomb mom!

Photo from Instagram/Nyoni_Couture

As our Koloqua style roundups hits new heights, we look to becoming more inclusive and diverse in our fashion coverage. Bomb Liberian fashion is not limited to any one generation, and so we look forward to a wider coverage and time goes on.

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