Kim Kardashian vs. Young Geh Lappa Suit


By: Desiree Dossen

Millennial Fashion Trends

The millennial woman is caring less about what critics have to say when comes to what she drapes over body. Young women worldwide are revealing skin in the most “fashiony” way. This irony brings me to highlight the 2018 CFDA award winner Kim Kardashian. Now when I think of style icons Kim Kardashian West is not on that list. Yet when discussing influence, she and her wedded partner Yeezy know how to stir up controversy in these style streets. I know some of you are sitting there confused as to how this has anything to do with the new age “Young Geh Lappa Suits.” Yor jeh wait small I coming ooo. I gotta connect the dots.

Firstly as a style enthusiast and curve silhouette promoter I do love a great coordinate set.

Coordiante/Co-Ord – may be defined as two seperate pieces, a top and bottom in the same fabrication, color way, and pattern. Breaking up the body into two parts while creating a whole look.

Kim Kardashian is the muva of coordinates and Exhibt A of skin while making it fashun. This draws attention to the young Lib gehs nonchalantly slaying in romper sets, bodysuits, and two pieces all made out of Lappa material in Liberia, West Africa. I’m not saying Kim Kardashian influenced the owner of the brand. But when we discuss influence Young Geh Lappa suit has brought to life a contemporary, couture line with great sex appeal. Who says one can’t be badass and still wear threads from the motherland and not look like an old ma?

Adrienne Tingba, the owner of this movement should definitely win the CFDA Influencer Award Liberian Edition. She has created an expressive platform and movement to the young jues, chamos, and gehs in Liberia and overseas who loves to style their bawdy with a bit of an edge and sassiness.

Zuleka Daouda for Young Geh lappa Suit (YGLS)

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  • Zachary
    March 6, 2019

    Hi there! Such a great write-up, thank you!

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