J Slught Invites Brands to Explore His Investment Potential


Liberia’s music industry is saturated with artists of all genres. As such, creating a hit record to stand out among the rest is the focus of many of these artists. Although, after the record is a hit, the nation is not yet fully equipped to ensure that artists earn their rightful financial gains, despite the popularity of their songs. Due to this flaw in the economic setup, Songwriter, Producer, and Singer, J Slught and his management are focusing on the business behind his music, ensuring that the artist remains ripe for investment and partnerships with different brands outside of music. 

It is no secret that musicians around the world carry immense influence due to the local and global potential of their talent. As a result, many brands in the industries of fashion, food, beauty, travel, sports, etc. are aligning with musicians as brand ambassadors. Likewise, some of these brands not only look for brand ambassadorships, but also direct partnerships with popular musicians in an effort to tap into the musician’s influence and expand the brand’s reach. 

Keeping this in mind, the “No Money” singer is strategically expanding the influence of his brand to align with diverse audiences and globalize his reach. 

As an outcome of these visible efforts, popular Liberia skincare brand, J-Palm Kernel Fresh, has aligned with J Slught as one of its male influencers. 

Through this otherwise unlikely but mutually beneficial partnership, the artist is diversifying his business portfolio from just music. At the same time, the brand is tapping into the influence and reach of Slught’s fan base, which comprises of thousands of 18-40yr olds worldwide.

On the other hand, excluding some few countable brands operating in Liberia, many brands do not yet understand the immense benefits of partnerships with musicians. As a result, artists representation by brands is a ripe market waiting to be tapped into.

In the case of J Slught though, the artist has been incredibly strategic in his business moves. Using his music as a springboard for the business behind his brand, J Slught has gone on to perform at the Eco-Fest international music festival in Sierra Leone, sharing the same stage with internationally recognized artists like Patoranking, Mayorkun, and Kuami Eugene. In addition, he was one of the Liberian artists to open for Davido during his 2018 concert in Liberia. 

As a reward for his moves in music, the artist has been nominated for multiple local and international awards and gotten invited to perform at the ACANA music/cultural festival in the USA. Likewise, all of these shows prepared him for his own 2019 concert in Monrovia, which amassed over 1,000 fans from around Liberia.

J SLught as a music producer, songwriter, singer, and businessman continues to prove that making it as a musician is more than just making music. One has to break both the musical charts as well as the business charts. This is especially true if they are operating in an environment like Liberia, where the direct financial benefits of music can be scarce. 

Finally, as Liberia-based brands like J-Palm Kernel Fresh, Lonestar Cell MTN, Star Condoms, among others, are seeing and tapping into the potentials of brand/music partnerships, it is important that other brands follow suit. The Liberian music industry is ripe with serious business minded talents like J Slught, and it is important that brands see that and invest in their potential. As can be observed from other industry partnerships around the world, there are only wins to come out of it, and not losses. 

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