Halloween Treats to Spook Up Your Weekend Outings


Painting by: Abu Fofana

My Pipo! Yor hello ooh. It been long enh? I Know. But non mind. I’m back to welcome you to the official start of the Koloqua Dialogues holiday season events coverage, beginning with this halloween weekend. There’s a lot of savory treats scattered around town to satisfy your spooky cravings, so move slowly into my little corner here so I can tell you all about them. I promise I won’t bite (unless you want me to). 

Halloween is a relatively new celebration to Liberia – (let’s thank the diaspora returnees for that one). But you guys know how it is – if America doing something, it’s only a matter of time before Liberia doesn’t it too. Yes, that was shade, but la part of it, my pipo!

Since the diaspora people na get olluh uh involved in the American pipo’s wishcrah holiday, theres enough parties going on this weekend to celebrate. Continue below to see all the treats Liberia has to offer you this weekend that are spooky and sweet enough to satisfy your halloween and other cravings. 

Halloween Weekend Event Roundup:

Fuzion D’Afrique’s Halloween Craze

One of the most anticipated halloween parties of the weekend is Fuzion’s annual costume party. If you are going to get into the halloween spirit, this is the place to be. It’s going to be so spooktakular, that it’ll give Halloweentown a run for its money. Real ones get that reference, and if you don’t, you fake. I don’t make the rules folks. So if you wanna be counted amongst the real ones, be sure to check out this party for a sweet scare.

A Night with Faith Vonic and CanC

While the pipo getting into their halloween wishcrah activities over at Fuzion, the next best option for all the Christian codes la Celavi Nightclub. Go check out some sweet tunes by some of our favorite Liberian female musicians, Faith Vonic and CanC. We know la secular music, but lets be real – how many real Christian code dem going to nightclub? You better go enjoy yorseh and support these talented ladies.

All Liberian Night with Eric Geso

La Eric Geso oooh ooh oooh, hard head boyyy. I know all my Eric Geso fans dem sang that line with me. But if you couldn’t catch it, or simply wish to hear more, ley hard head boy is going to be at Shooter’s Sports Bar and Lounge today. The man knows how to put on a show, my pipo! So you mon na spay on this show if you looking for a real entertaining time.


Kid’s Halloween Costume Party

As for Saturday, la time for the children to enjoy themselves too. Ma Ju’s The Burger Spot is having a treat for the kids with their special halloween costume party. Bring the kids out dressed as their favorite TV characters so they can live the TV life they’ve always dreamt of.

Mobile Money Discount Market

Lonestar Cell MTN really been spoiling us this year with all their deals and discounts ooh. Can you imagine in these pro-poor times, the pipo having serious discount market? On Randall street, at that! If you don’t take advantage of these unbeatable MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) deals this Saturday pah, I will just assume you one of the ones la in the photo.

Liberia’s Most Beautiful Girl Audition

As the world is aware, Liberia get plenty fine fine women ooh, but who can rise up to be crowned as the fairest of them all? If you believe you have what it takes, the second audition for Liberia’s most beautiful girl is this Saturday at Millennium Guest House.


Sunday Capital Brunch Buffet

After all the jolly jollying and spending the moko, come spend some more at brunch at The Capital Room. Oh! You thought I was coming say don’t spend it? No ooh. You will already be in the spending spirit from the weekend anyway, so the best place to finish it la in your ownseh belly. The Capital Room is back with classic renovations, making it a perfect brunch spot. So take your friends with you this Sunday, and enjoy some sweet Liberian and continental treats.

La all I get for you this weekend ooh, my pipo! You get plenty options all around Montserrado, depending on your mood. So enjoy the weekend for us, and we will be back on Monday to report on all your exciting fashion choices.

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