Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2020 Showcases in Accra


Photos by Image of IC and PremPixel

From November 6-8, 2020, the annual Glitz Africa Fashion Week took over Accra at the rooftop of The Octagon to showcase the future of Ghanaian fashion. The annual event served as one of fashion’s biggest nights out in Accra; especially this year as the world slowly recovers from a global pandemic.

As seen in this year’s show and fashion weeks across Africa, African fashion is starting to take a more modern turn. In this modern detour, the more traditional fabrics like the lappa (Ankara), country cloth, and even batik are decreasing in presence, while silk, linen, and other plain styles are seemingly on the rise. As fashion designers are the pacemakers of the future of consumers choices and trends, it is interesting to see how this current creative wave of what is considered African fashion will not only change, but shape cultures across the continent.

Besides that, the designers who showcased in the Glitz Africa Fashion week 2020 were a refreshing distraction to a very difficult year. While some designers brought a romantic experience to the runway, others brought a futuristic vision, while some made us remember the important issues facing our world; including the END SARS revolution, the Stop Rape campaign, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Continue below for a glimpse into the future of Ghanaian fashion, as presented by the Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2020.


House of Paon


Christine Brown

Larry Jay

Quophi Akotuah

Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako

Selina Beb

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