Fine Brass Studio’s Nine Skincare Tips to Keep you Fine


By: Kulubor Jensen

“This jue too fine!” That’s what you are going to hear all Summer long when you follow these nine skincare tips I’m going to share with you. As a certified Esthetician, I know many of us are constantly planning to slay the summer away, but not many tend to consider their skin in the process. Some people focus on toning in the gym, and others shop and prepare their melanin to be on full display. Whichever group you find yourself in, here are some fool proof ways to make that happen.

1. Reduce your makeup 

Start early. Try to transition into wearing less makeup. When you do wear it, do bare minimum. Trust me, by the time summer hits, your skin texture will improve enough to rock any Fenty highlighter like the it girl you are. Here’s why… the more your skin has time to breath, the more cohesive your complexion appears. There will be ample time for your skin to heal old blemishes. The goal here is to have less debris hanging around in your pores. Your oil glands will thank you because it won’t have to work overtime to produce excess sebum as a result of your makeup drying out your skin. 

2. Workout

Your skin is the human body’s largest organ and needs major maintenance. Working out is not just excellent for toning your muscles, but it also perfects your skin. A proper sweat routine gives your sweat glands a chance to increase its function. This means that your skin gets a detox more often. Your pores get a fresh delivery of much needed air; slowing down bacteria growth. This is excellent for acne prone skin, as bacterial invasion in the pores is a major issue here. Likewise, remember to always shower immediately after working out, as you still need to wash away the bacteria that forms during your workout session. Sweat is in no way acting as a detoxing mask here. It works to improve your skin while you are working out only! Leaving your skin dirty for prolong period will give bacteria a place to breed.

3. Exfoliate Gently

 Gentle is the operative word. The slothing off of dead skin is vital for your skin’s glow! New skin cells are regenerated every 27 days. That’s a lot of buildup! During Summer, your skin is exposed to direct sun rays for prolonged periods of time. This gets your melanocytes working to produce more pigments to protect your skin, which results in hyper-pigmentation aka dark spots. Your melanin is so protective! Any scrapes scratches or burns will turn into  dark marks. The marks are evidence that your melanin had your back. So now that you understand how down your melanin is, BE GENTLE, but still exfoliate.  

4. Salt/Mineral Bath

This is the biggest kept secret right here! This will help with cellulite reduction, and magnesium will relax muscles and assist in lymphatic drainage. Salt baths also helps to heal and detox pores of bacteria. This is a deep detox for the skin. A warm salt bath opens up the pores and deeply cleanses the skin of pollutants like dirt and oil. Salt can also improve common irritations and common rash. Those with eczema and other skin conditions will greatly benefit from salt baths. Salt baths will help detox and heal your skin, leaving your glow on a hundred.

5. Find a Summer Moisturizer

Your moisturizer has to do something special now. It should help you exfoliate to combat oil and buildup. Its very easy. Get you a moisturizer which contains alpha hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate. This will make sure that dead skin and oils are not clogging your pores and causing embarassing breakouts. Also keep lactic acid lotion in your arsenal. Water based moisturizer will also work best in warmer months. It is less likely to clog pores and it also is lightweight.

6. SPF, or Die Trying

I stay in a hat… thats just my grown woman drip thing, but its also how I implement sun protection. I know you melanin rich girls have debated the need for SPF for years, but IT IS A MUST SIS! If you want a beautiful complexion, you need to prevent hyper-pigmentation by all means. The suns rays are very damaging to our skin and it triggers melanocytes as a form of protection. So if you wear sun protection, you are less likely to develop dark spots and also likely to lessen the appearance of the dark spot you already have. It also prevents skin cancer. This is not to say the sun isn’t good for you. The sun was made for you! However, any tan is your body reaction to damage from the sun. Our ancestors protected their skin my wearing red and white mineral clay, and you must find means of protecting yours too!

7. Create an AM PM Routine

Simple. A routine is all about training your skin to do its job! Thats is to protect you. AM routines should consist of gentle cleansing  toning moisturizer and SPF. By the time you wake up, your skin has gone through a process of gaining water, then losing water. So the AM part of your skincare routine is really prep time where skin receives much needed moisturizer. 
PM routine should consist of thorough washing away of dirt oil and pollutants. You’ll need a serum, vitamin C and layering on moisturizer. This is a time to pamper and feed the skin with nutrients. Vitamin c will help brighten the skin. Retinoid is a more intense way to brighten discoloration as well as fight fine lines and wrinkles. This regimen will allow you to heal and balance some damage done over the cold months.

8. Wash Your Face at Night

Please please please your baby wipes may work for a few days, but it will creep up on you faster than Jason in a horror movie. Its vital for your skin to be properly cleansed at night. Your skin does a lot of good stuff for you while you sleep. Its all science while you sleep. Melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone) is hard at work. Melatonin makes you tired and it also combats the pollution and uv damage from the day of sun exposure. By 11PM, HGH is regenerating stem cells and keeping you beautiful! New baby skin is being created now, so you need to make room for them. Your skin is also warmer and more permeable now so moisture is at it’s peak and preparing for day light to dry it out a bit. The skin replenishes itself at night, which is why it is so important for you to make sure that you’re not soaking up dirt. The night routine can literally make you finer than you can imagine. So, a thorough cleansing tone adds a serum and favorite moisturizer. If you feeling frisky, add an eye cream!

9. Water

Lastly, but perhaps most important is to drink water. If you have the best products and create a routine but don’t drink water you are cancelling your efforts. Your skin, like any other organ, requires water in order to function properly. Water carries the nutrients needed to keep the skin healthy. Water is essential to maintain healthy levels of moisture and deliver nutrients to the skin cells. Water helps to maintain elasticity. This is the easiest and cheapest way to stay fine. Water prevents aging because it allows your cells to function properly. Need I say more?!

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