Fashion Roundup: Ghana Girls Living the HighLife


My Pipo yor hello ooh! E Ti S3n? That’s Twi for “how are you?” Get the memo? Well, if you have not yet caught on, we are bringing you all a very special style roundup today – so special that we had to take it across oceans to the Gold Coast.

As Ghana celebrates its Founders Day today, we are reflecting on the many amazing African fashion moments that started, and can be found there . For example, the Ghanaian traditional cloth, Kente cloth, has grown over the years to become one of the most recognizable patterns that is associated with the entire African continent. This success is not only because the cloth is as beautiful as it looks full of wealth, but also because Ghanaians have inserted the cloth into their culture as symbols of royalty, marriage, and tradition, thus providing a connection to their culture through fashion.

While we continue our style dreams of branding the Liberian country cloth in a similar fashion, let’s cross oceans to our family in Ghana, where style and authenticity has been passed on through generations of cultural traditions. As we gear up for a week of content fit for a #TwiDialogue, we are beginning with a roundup of some excitable Ghanaian girls living the highlife through fashion and style. Continue below for our first cross-border style roundup.

Ghana Girls in Highlife Style

CEO of Hamamat Skin Care, Hamamat

Photo from Instagram/IamHamamat

Human Resource Manager at MMAL Global, Regina Afiba Dadzie

Photo from Instagram/Afiba_Dadzie

Model, Sherifa

Photo from Instagram/Icon.Sherifa

Beauty Queen / Entrepreneur, Dorothy Ndede

Photo from Instagram/Dorothy_Ndede

International Wedding Consultant, Silvia Commodore

Photo from Instagram/Naa_Morkhor

Co-Owner, MOYO Society, Adepa Foriwaa

Photo from Instagram/Adepa_Foriwaa

Youtuber and Owner of Naza Co., Roselyn Ashkar

Photo from Instagram/Roselyn_Ashkar

Blogger and Stylist, Queen Beeba

Photo from Instagram/Queen.Beeba

Dental Hygienist and Philanthropist, Rebecca Asamoah

Photo from Instagram/Miss_United_Nations17

Nurse and Fashion Designer, Esi Anderson

Photo from Instagram/EsiAnderson

Model and Youtuber, Lady Dadzie

Photo from Instagram/Lady_Dadzie

Model, Influencer and Youtuber, Chantell Dapaah

Photo from Instagram/ChantellDapaah

Urban and Regional Planner, Naa Lamiley

Photo from Instagram/EccentricLiving

Real Estate Agent, Lisa Aidoo

Photo from Instagram/LisaAidoo

Fashion Student, Fafa

Photo from Instagram/Fafa_Fafa1

Blogger and Youtuber, Afua Rida

Photo from Instagram/AfuaRida

Owner of Duafe Thrift Finds, Akosua Tintin

Photo from Instagram/PassiBoo

Beauty Style Enthusiast, Hamadeeya Hameed

Photo from Instagram/Mss.Deee

Fashion Designer, Mimmy Yeboah

Photo from Instagram/Mimmy.Yeboah

CEO of Adobea Handbags, Deidra Mensah

Photo from Instagram/Deidra.Mensah

CEO, Skin by Ame, Chrissy Amelia

Photo from Instagram/ChrissyAmelia

Model, Sedinam Christine Klinogo

Photo from Instagram/IconChristine._

Hope you’ve made plans to follow these incredible stylistas. Our Timeline has been very exciting since we did!

See you all next week for another edition of our Koloqua Style Fashion Roundup!

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