Fashion: 7 Black Designers to Pay Attention to During New York Fashion Week S/S 19


By: Desiree Dossen

Greetings TKD readers,

Happy Fashion Month! Once again, Fashion Week has crept up on us like a thief in the night. Honestly, I personally have a love hate relationship with #NYFW. It’s fun for the influencers who get to attend shows for free and get chauffeured around in MBFW private cars. Yet, for those of us who work tirelessly behind the scenes, there is nothing glitz and glamorous about being an unpaid intern, volunteer, student. Although, it is quite rewarding in the end to be apart of the production for a grand day.

There are also many positives about this festive time of year in New York City. For example, being that the fashion industry is slowly but surely understanding that #RepresentationMatters, we get to witness the glory of Black Designers showcasing their innovative ideas down the runway…only to be knocked off and stolen by a fast fashion brand.

Yet, that is another conversation.

Today is technically Day 1 of New York Fashion Week – although, fashion week events began on September 5th. As the week long festivities begin, there are seven (7)  Black-owned Designer brands who have caught our eyes, and we want to fill you in on all the action.

Here is a list of the seven Black-owned Designer brands who will hit the runways this week that you absolutely need to cue in to.


1.  Matte Brand : September 7th


2. Pyer Moss : September 8th


3. Luquan Smith : September 9th


4. Romeo Hunte : September 9th


5. Studio OneEightyNine : September 10th


6. FENTY : September 11th


7. Maki Oh : September 12th

As a Liberian-American, and Style Narrator, I feel it is my duty to share diverse style stories from dual perspectives that promotes both the African and American culture. Thank you, Kindly.

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