Drive Slow Adrie


By Adrienne Tingba


I guess I could be more transparent with my life.


I could use every caption on my photos as the modern day version of my own tell-all book. Announce my travels before they happen so people are updated on my moves, or so people in the city I’m visiting can schedule me in their plans.

I could say more about how, at 24 years old, I have managed to secure  3 different co-existing jobs, and how I manage to keep up the go-getter attitude which I have acquired over the years. I mean, I have always gone for exactly what it is I’ve wanted, and 9.5 times out of 10, I was blessed with that thing. I guess I could share my tactics so that other young women and men can benefit from it.

I could start appreciating myself more for what I am, and what I do, instead of playing down my own achievements as nothing. Its just that, I feel like there is always work to be done, because, I guess, there IS always work to be done, except, I can’t be the one to do it all.

But why not? What exactly stops me from doing it all. After-all, I AM good at many things, all very profitable things, so why can’t I do all of them?…


Slow down Adrie…

You can’t do it all, but you can talk about it all, and empower others to some.

Slow down Adrie…

What you have achieved now, many your age and older have not

Slow down Adrie..

You do not have to explain your moves or your life to anyone

Slow down Adrie…

The decisions you make now will come to haunt you

Slow down Adrie…

The life you choose will be the life you lead. Choose wisely and

Slow down Adrie…

You do not have to please anyone

You do not have to live for anyone

What people say about you will not end your life

Drive slow Adrie..

Accidents is the number 1 killer of people your age

Drive slow Adrie

Going fast does not guarantee you will get there quicker

Drive slow Adrie

Not all your friends cheers-ing with you want your wishes to come true

Drive slow Adrie…

One day, it will all make sense. I’ll have all the inspirational captions I need for every instagram post, even the ones showing just palm trees or food that looks good, but don’t taste like no Kitily Torbogee.

I will share all my tips on how to be successful as a young person. I will share how to blog, how to make it in media, how to start a small business, How to keep your dignity while being an aspiring female professional, and how to look good as hell while doing everything at once.

One day. Maybe not today because I don’t have all the answers yet, but one day.

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