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Weekend Roundup: Happy Hour Party Specials


Painting By: Rodney Sikdar Rainy Season Cuddle Vibes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1bdJsmG46cQlQR_GKGnSZlupPi_zVfLC Hey guyyyyyssssssss, the weekend is here, and the only thing better than that is a First Friday. This is the first weekend in July, and though June had a lot of activities going on, I'm sure this whole month will beat its time, starting ...

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‘Fellas Fall’ Photo Series Highlights Men’s Suppressed Vulnerabilities


In a newly released photo series titled, Fellas Fall, Liberia-based digital artist Meskora Amoussou highlights the existing vulnerabilities of men that the world tries to suppress. With the gender roles imposed on men and women from birth, especially in African societies, not much room is allowed for men to live and act ...