Big Wins, Major Losses: A Week in Liberian Pop Culture


It was another scandalous week in Liberia. If you was bouncing and didn’t keep up, don’t worry yeahhh, yor peepo here got the dialogue worthy geez for you. 

Whether you’re used to it by now or not, a regular week in Liberia won’t be regular unless a few scandals break loose. Just 2 weeks ago, it was the alleged extramarital affairs of the president. In the just ended week though, we had some fashion dos and don’ts, another controversy surrounding our Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo and her handling of the  Miss Earth pageant franchise, and tearful evictions and breaking news in the big Brabee house. Here’s how all the gayla went down.

It all started with the tearful evictions in the Big Brabee House on Saturday. In a rather shocking  turn of events, the romance between Rica and Retro, or Retrica as they became known to fans, was not enough to save Retro from evictions. It seems Retro lost the audience beyond his romance with Rica, who was left tearful after her beau was sent home. At the same time, Cashlynn and her housemates were mournful after Brabee broke the news of the death of her father. A gloomy day indeed in the house of drama.

Housemates consoling Rica after Retro was evicted out of the house.

Also in the House of drama, a fashion police moment took the trends on social media when host, MasterQueen’s  outfit seem to have divided fans. Was it a fashion do, or a fashion don’t? You be the judge, dialoguers.

Later that night, the Miss Earth Liberia pageant was scheduled to take place. With the young women preparing for the coveted title and chance to represent Liberia at the Miss Earth pageant, a scandal disrupted the preparations. While the rest of the competitors prepared for their big night, Goddess of Light, Robertline Rakula Kerkula was robbed of her chance to compete when she was disqualified by the pageant’s organizers hours to the event. The reason for disqualification was revealed that an alleged nude video of her was shared with the organizers. Supporters of the contestant took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the seemingly poor handling of the very delicate situation.

In the same breath, others pointed out that the existence of such video does indeed place a stint on the contestant’s chances in pageantry. Although, this moment could’ve acted as our reigning Miss Liberia’s chance to stand up for a young woman being blackmailed with revenge porn, but instead, the young lady was further humiliated and rendered even more powerless.

Dismissed Goddess of Light, Robertline Rakula Kerkula

Despite this major hurdle, the event went on to become a success, with the lives of 3 incredible young women changed forever. It even had some dialogue worthy fashion moments, with some costumes receiving the Koloqua Dialogues stamp of approval. 

On the other side, we would get into the geez in the world of politics, but that’s a whole other gayla we need to bounce on for now. In the meantime, just know that this whole Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP) may or may not hold. (We’ll come back to this appropriately.) 

Wheeww!! Now that you’re all caught up, how about we lighten up the mood with some fashion?! Here are our top 10 fashion moments from Liberians around the world in the past week.

*** all top picks are chosen from the Koloqua Dialogues community of followers *** 

Top 5 Womenswear

Top 5 Menswear

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