Big Brabee Liberia Premiers, But Is it Worth the Watch?


On Saturday, September 12, 2020, Liberia’s edition of the Big Brother franchise premiered as Big Brabee Liberia 2020, House of Drama. After heavy anticipation from Liberians around the world, the house opened its doors to 23 housemates with hosts, blogger, Benita Urey and actor, Israel Owes Dahnsaw. By entering the house of drama, contestants are all giving away their privacy and opening up their lives to a very attentive audience in a bid to win a car, and USD10K. After two days of watching via Youtube, I am led to ask; does the “House of Drama” measure up, or are Liberians simply desperate for media representation and so we accept whatever we can get?

Hosts Benita Urey and Israel Dahnsaw

Firstly, with a theme like “house of drama”, viewers are tuning in with certain expectations, while contestants are putting on a show with those expectations in mind. So, just a day in, there were already dramatic antics trending. Reigning in the house of drama in the first few days are Rica and Delvin. Rica for her very open and seemingly “real” personality, and Delvin for the mere fact that he doesn’t speak Koloqua on the show. Realistically, its difficult to understand why comments show disfavor with Delvin because of how he speaks when in fact, not every Liberian speaks Koloqua. I’ll go deeper into that another day. For now though, its the drama and romance for me.

Other names have since gained favor with the audience for different reasons. Names like Sialyn, Retro, Telvin, or Ezy Pain, while there are others whose faces and antics are gaining favor with the trends and comments. Although, it is a bit early to tell who will keep the trends popping. we’ll check back in after at least 1 week into the 5-weeks long competition.

The Big Brabee House

It can be agreed that the Big Brabee Liberia 2020: House of Drama has opened up a beautiful house for the experience of a lifetime for its contestants. Although, with sound shortcomings and lighting challenges, this first reality show of its kind in the country definitely has some improvements to make. However, the overall consensus is that it is worth the watch, keeping in mind these challenges. It is also worth the watch not because it is the most entertaining show on television, but because Liberians ARE desperate for media representation, and so by watching, we are alerting sponsors that the media is something worth investing in. The show not only paves the way for future seasons of Big Brabee Liberia, but for other ideas and other media opportunities as well.

Keep tuned to the Big Brabee Liberia 2020: House of Drama for more dramatic antics, and to see who will reign supreme and take away the prize of a lifetime. Over here at the Koloqua Dialogues, we’ll keep watching for the fashions, the romances, the analysis, and of course, the drama.

You can watch via Tamma TV if you’re in Liberia, or via Youtube and Facebook live if not. I for sure recommend the Youtube and facebook options for the very entertaining live chats from the viewers.

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  • Rosana Rodriguez
    September 21, 2020

    Super, I’ll follow the news to the Big Brabee Liberia 2020!

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