Big Brabee Liberia Ends in a Dramatic Twist


After having our eyes glued to our TVs for the last 5 weeks, the Big Brabee House of Drama has finally closed its doors – but not without some drama of course. What has now overshadowed all other drama in the house was the shocking win for housemate, Tribeau. After an unmemorable stay in the house, fans were left shocked and angry that Tribeau was named winner, and not fan-favorite, Rica in a last-minute turn of events in voting strategy.   

As the first reality show of its kind in Liberia, there has been nothing else to talk about for the past five weeks. From the fashion do’s and don’ts, to the love connections, even something about dirty panties under someone’s pillow, and now, an allegedly fraudulent ending. Got your attention yet? Good. Continue below for how it all went down. 

We first reported on the show after the first week Brabee opened up the house of drama to 22 housemates. From that moment, we were introduced to 22 different personalities, all vying for the USD10K prize and keys to a new car. Though only one could win the grand prize, contestants were in the house to brand themselves and possibly increase the Liberian celebrity pool. I know we’re not the only ones wishing for more than 10 names to write about weekly (no shade). And that is exactly what we got.

The Drama

Love connections were so many in the house, you would think it was Love Island Liberia (wishful thinking). One of the most dramatic though, was that of Comedian, Ezy Pain, and housemate, Fikilicious. What made this pair’s “vibing” memorable was the minor fact that Ezy Pain is publicly linked to his US-based girlfriend, Faith Norman. In Ezy Pain’s defense though, he never admitted to any foul play, saying he was just “vibing” with his housemate. 

There were other memorable dialogue worthy moments in the house; like when Gingerfab and His Majesty had a 1 minute on camera love affair, or when Retro left Rica heartbroken after his eviction, and Sialyn and Telvin B’s slow and sweet love story. 

The biggest stories out of the house, though, was Christina’s disqualification over an alleged act that claimed she placed her dirty underwear under Rica’s pillow in a plot to frame another housemate for the act. She later denied the allegations, but not before it had already gone viral. Delvin on the other hand, was a highly controversial housemate, who was ultimately disqualified for a highly disrespectful rant against housemate, Gingerfab. He later apologized to his female fans and Liberian women around the world for what he described as his “disgusting behavior”.

The Fashion

Nothing else had people talking than the fashion in the Big Brabee house. More than anything, it served as a wakeup call to Liberian celebs and designers for a major need for collaboration. As seen in our first report, the housemates drew a lot of attention with their looks. From Marcus’ intentional t-shirts, to Sialyn’s gowns, to Tel-B’s shirtless days, and hosts Masterqueen’s daring looks. Following suit to the show, the finale did not disappoint. Continue below for the most memorable moments. 

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