Beauty Picks: 6 Beauty Products Every 20-Something Should Own 


The 20’s make for an interesting decade. We feel too young for some things, while simultaneously feeling too old for others – like having our entire lives figured out.
Don’t fret though, we are not expected to have it all figured out. However, one thing we should at least consider figuring out in this decade is a skincare regimen that works for us.

While we might not be too concerned with signs of aging showing up on our skin in this decade, it is important to begin a routine of preventive measures now that we can commit to, so as to discipline ourselves and be prepared enough for when the inevitable signs of aging reaches us, and our decisions in our 20s comes back to bite.

We compiled our beginner’s guide to affordable skincare, and now we are back with a list of five beauty products every 20-something should have on their beauty counter to make a smooth transition into the signs of aging that sometimes begins in our 30s and up.

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1. Toner

Pearlessence Rose Water USD19.99

Having a good face toner is the foundation of a good skincare routine. Toners help in keeping hyper-pigmentation at bay and evening out the skin tone. Toning also provides hydration to the skin, which supports in its fight against lines and wrinkles. Toners can be used before and after cleansing, as makeup setting spray, and as a mid-day hydration mist. 





Lanocreme Manuka Honey Eye Cream USD34.95

2. Eye Cream

With our eyes being one of the first spots for noticeable aging lines (crows feet), it is important to invest in a good firming eye cream. The skin around and underneath our eyes is the softest and most sensitive on the body, so keeping them moisturized and firm at the beginning and end of each day should be in every 20-something’s daily beauty routine. Its eye cream now, or crows feet later – your choice.



3. Facial Serum

Valjean Labs Facial Serums USD12.99 per bottle

   Facial serum is our all time favorite. They keep the skin hydrated, glowing, and protected from damaging effects caused by the sun and and pollution-filled air. A mixture of toners like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C-E-D, collagen, etc. keeps the skin thoroughly hydrated after cleansing. The acids and vitamins in serums help form a protective layer against sun damage, dryness, and hyper-pigmentation, leaving the skin supple, nourished, and glowing. Serums are a non-negotiable step that should be included in every 20-something’s skincare routine – best combined with at least three different toners and paired with a moisturizer twice daily.


Lanocreme Collagen Night Cream USD32.95

4. Night Cream

A good night cream can take your nighttime regimen to entirely new heights. As I like to say, “Go to sleep pretty, wake up pretty” – night creams paired with your toner and serums can do that for you. A night cream moisturizes the skin overnight without being too heavy on the skin, as a day cream would – rightly so. The night cream works with the natural oils in your skin overnight, leaving you to wake up refreshed, hydrated, glowing, and prepared to take on the day – after drinking at least two bottles of water of course.


Cleansing Story Yellow Earth Face Wash USD11.33

5. Exfoliator/Cleanser

Cleansing is a crucial step to every beauty enthusiast’s skincare routine, and should be included in every 20-something’s regimen. While sometimes, in the case of makeup removal, double cleansing is essential, it is important to not overdo this step, as it can be very drying to the skin. In any case, investing in a good cleanser that isn’t harsh on the skin, but rather soothing; smoothening, exfoliating and cleansing, all at once, can make for a very healthy layer of skin  well prepared to soak in your toner, serums, and moisturizer. With so many products on the market, it is key to find one that is best for your own skin type and needs – especially with the amount of impurities the skin is faced with on a daily basis.


6. Perfume

Christian Dior J’adore Perfume USD130.00

  Investing in a classic signature scent is important for every 20-something – just as important as everything on this list, if not more.  A good scent has the ability to leave an unforgettable impression, and shows that even though we might feel completely lost at this stage in our lives, we at least have it together enough to take care of our hygiene and smell damn good while plotting to take over the world.



While the 20s is a decade of tremendous growth and sometimes stress, it is important that just as we prepare for the financial stability we hope to have in our 30s, we prepare for the inevitable aging of our skin and body. We are blessed with one body and one skin in our entire lifetime, and it is important to understand its needs, and make peace with the inevitability that it will change as we age. While we can’t stop ourselves from aging, what we can do is to make sure we develop the right disciplines now that keeps us looking our best selves in every decade.


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