Beach Resorts and other Unforgettable Places to Visit in Liberia


With December and the start of the Liberian dry season creeping around the corner, the momentum to visit Liberia has never been higher. That excitement comes not only from the incoming visitors, but also from those already living there. Lasting up to six (6) months in a year, the rainy season puts a damper on the beach and party scene in the country, so dry season is a time to catch up with friends/family at all the events and enjoy the beautiful and serene beaches and resorts scattered around the country.

While the vacation months in Liberia boasts of many events to entertain the city and its visitors; the beauty, enjoyment, and relaxation that awaits you at the beaches and resorts in the country is unforgettable. Most of the resorts are kid friendly, especially on Sundays, when beaches across the country are filled with families and children. On other days, especially during the week, groups of friends can almost have entire resorts and beaches to themselves.

As you begin to make your must-see lists of places in Liberia, look no further than our below list featuring some of Liberia’s resorts, beaches, and other must-see places for both enjoyment, and rediscovering and falling in love with Liberia all over again. There is so much more than meets the eye with Liberia, so it is important to venture around the country to understand it’s potential and bask in its natural and serene beauty.


Libassa Ecolodge

Situated in Marshall, Margibi County few miles outside of Monrovia, Libassa is a favorite for visitors to Liberia. The ecolodge offers a luxurious eco-friendly experience consisting of an infinity pool, a beach, a lagoon for kayaking or relaxation, and so much more. Experiences to explore at the resort include; hiking through the natural forest within which the resort was built, visiting the on-site wildlife sanctuary filled with endangered animals from around Liberia, or having a bonfire at their beach bar with friends and other visitors.

The resort offers affordable rooms, and extended stay, so book your next stay, and definitely add this to your list for a weekend visit.


Tel 1: +231/(0)888.555.563

Tel 2: +231/(0)777.555.564







Elizabeth’s Village

Ever wonder what it would be like living in an African village? What does it include? Huts? Fishing? Going for a ride over the nearby lake in a canoe? How about cultural dancers entertaining the villagers?

All of this, and whatever else you can think of in your ideal village life, Elizabeth’s offers, with much more! As the first of its kind in the coastal city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Elizabeth’s has set the bar and showcased the immense touristic potential of Grand Bassa County.

Apart from the modern-day African village aesthetic, what we also love about this resort is their cultural relevance to Liberia, as they mirror their customs after traditional Liberian customs; making them incredibly culturally relevant in educating the nation and its visitors about Liberian culture.

Visit Elizabeth’s on your trip to Liberia, and be sure to request their goat meat dumboy soup… It is to die for!

For Bookings;

Tel : +231/(0)776.812.314

Nana’s Lodge Resort

In the heart of the historic city of Roberstport , Cape Mount County, sits a lodge that overlooks the surf-ready ocean, whose shores are lined with forests of almond trees. The colorful villas at Nana’s Lodge resort is a dream for all those who love to live, think, and breath in color! Wake up early mornings for a drink of fresh coconut water, a walk on the beach gazing at the sunrise as fisherman haul their quests onto shore, or a run through the nearby town to get a feel of Liberia’s skeleton of past wealth in its cities.

Robertstport is home to some of the nation’s best surfers, who offer surf lessons to the community and visitors of Nana’s Lodge.

The Resort is open to visitors on any day of the week (call ahead to alert them of your arrival). If you are up for an adventure, take a drive to Nana’s lodge in Cape Mount County, where you can stop over in Bomi County at the magical Blue Lake, aka, Lake Piso, another beautiful landmark in Liberia.



Tel : +231/(0)886.668.332



John Gbeze Hotel and Resort

If you are in search of a luxurious escape in Liberia, John Gbeze hotel and resort on the Marshall road is your paradise. The kid-friendly family resort is a paradise mansion perfect for Sunday visits, where families can enjoy their water slide, poolside fun, boat riding in the lagoon, playing football/volleyball on the beach fields, or simply lying about to enjoy the sun.


Tel 1: +231/(0)775.957.957



RLJ Kendeja Resort and Villas

RLJ Kendeja resort and villas is one of Liberia’s first resorts. It is great for family fun and lying about on the beach. Its expertise landscaping offers a view of stunning floral arrangements, with its rooms and walkways being the most impressive.

Along with that, visitors can enjoy an array of beach sports, including volleyball and surfing. Visit on the weekend, and you might also be lucky enough to spot a few happy newlyweds having their wedding photoshoots.




Tel 1: +231/(0)886.016.397

Tel 2: +231/(0)770.533.415



Tropicana Beach Resort

The perfect beach resort for grown-up leisure. The inconspicuously designed rooms offers an experience so private that visitors can enjoy their on-site outdoor showers in comfort and confidence. The beach resort is great for relaxation, delicious food, hookah/shisha and other low-key enjoyment; with the exception of Sundays when the beach is flooded with visitors.


Tel: +231/(0)886529639


















Sunset Beach, Buchanan City


Buch City’s own Sunset beach is a one-of-a kind gem in Grand Bassa County. The forests of coconut trees on the way to, and at the beach is enough to get any wanderer lost in the clouds, only to be found again with the soft breeze from the clashing ocean waves. The beach is popular, so go on the weekend only when looking for a true crowded Liberian beach experience filled with performances from dancers, entertainers, musicians, among others. One of the most heavily attended days is Christmas day, when thousands of people gather at the beach to celebrate.















Ceasar’s Beach, Marshall City


Ceasar’s beach is a more private beach in Marshall city, ideal for groups of friends to host private parties, bonfires, cookouts, etc.










Cooper’s Beach, Paynesville City

Want to know where Liberia’s youth hangs out, and how they hang out? Visit Cooper’s beach for your fill of local Liberian fun. In the dry season, the beach features regular performances from popular local musicians, guest DJ sets, and endless fun in the lagoon.








Miami Beach, Monrovia City

Miami beach is unlike what you might be used to with Miami Beach, Florida. This beach is frequented by some of the grungy, cool-kid rockstars of Liberia. Every Friday, the beach is filled with young people from around the city who come dressed in their best to witness musical performances, socialize, and enjoy the warm and active beach. Come here if you are open minded and ready to relax and enjoy local sounds and styles.

Natural Landscapes

Kpatawee Waterfalls – Bong County

Forget what TLC said and go chasing the most magical natural waterfall in Bong County. The journey to Kpatawee waterfall is a bit long, but what awaits you in the virgin forest is a majestic waterfall that makes you appreciate the beauty and artistry of nature. Definitely visit for a remote and natural escape.
























Mount Nimba – Yekepa, Nimba County

Getting to Nimba has been made easy with paved roads connecting the nation’s capital, Monrovia, to Nimba County. A few hours drive can get you to Yekepa, Nimba County, where you will take a local train into the mountains, and be able to trek your way through the forests to finally arrive at what looks like a glimpse into the heavens. The mountain overlooks miles or forests of unexploited greenery, with a beautiful and pristine blue lake at its center.

Mount Nimba is a pride of Liberia, which will leave you humbled and inspired with just one glare at its peak.

The Liberian tourism sector is growing at a very progressive rate, with new resorts and other areas erupting yearly. While the national government is moving slowly in tourism initiatives, private citizens are doing their part in contributing to the development of the sector and the nation at large. It is important that visitors use this opportunity to make themselves aware of the available locations and possibilities, so as to also do their part in growing Liberia’s tourism sector. Continue to check Here for regular updates and travel tips to Liberia, and check out for other tips.

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